Special Event Rentals to Enhance Guest Experience

Are you planning a wedding reception? Maybe you have a prom extravaganza you want to pull off. Then again, you may have been asked by the corporate office to handle the next office party. Special event rentals take any occasion from so-so to fantastic. What are your options?

Inflatables Are Not Just for the Kids

What comes to mind when you hear the term inflatable? You probably think about bounce houses for the younger set. However, there are plenty of inflatables that also offer fun activities for adults. Case in point is the inflatable Tiki bar. It looks just like the real thing. All you need are a few barstools. The human hamster ball is another inflatable that is getting a lot of interest. If you are planning an outdoor party, add a few of these to the mix. Set up a course, and watch your guests have a great time.

Casino Games are Good Options for an Employee Party or a Fundraiser

Everyone gets chips. They can redeem them at rented poker tables, slot machines, roulette wheels, and similar table games. For a fundraiser, tie the purchase of additional chips to donations. Casino events are good options for indoor as well as outdoor parties. Hire game operators or handle the entertainment in-house with volunteers who take turns. Prizes could include branded merchandise and subscriptions.

Carnival Games Transform Employee Park Days into Great Family Outings

If you are hosting a party that includes children, you cannot go wrong with carnival game rentals. These include all the favorites from balloon darts to mini golf. Set them up with plenty of space in between. Doing so allows children the room they need to wait for their turns and play. Of course, every participant wins something. Add a rock-climbing wall to the mix for the older kids.

Tents, Tables, and Chairs for Any Event

If your event takes place outside, consider renting tents. They protect attendees from surprise rain showers. At the same time, they offer some respite from the rays of the sun. Unless there is plenty of shade in the area, these tents can prevent problems with heatstroke and dehydration. Whether you plan to host the special event inside or outside, you need tables and chairs. Consider renting more than you anticipate needing. Frequently, people who did not announce that they would attend may show up.

Caterers and Concession Machines

For the sit-down meal, caterers do the heavy lifting. Base your meal selection on the type of event that you host. Wedding receptions should have sit-down dinners while holiday parties can make do with buffets. We recommend adding concession rentals to the mix. Examples include cotton candy machines or chocolate fountains. These offer tasty treats in between meals.

Rent a Photo Booth & Other Experiences to Capture the Memories

The photo cube is the next incarnation of the photo booth. You still get the props and the fun. However, you also get a green screen experience as well as social media integration. Mag-nificent takes photo booth experiences to the next level with technology integration to provides fun for all. Attendees can record brief video messages and at the end of the event, you receive a compilation of the videos and images. Your guests walk away with branded photos printed in real-time onsite. It is a win-win!

Contact Mag-nificent today to learn more about our unique photo booth services and for more tips, tricks, and must-have special event rentals!

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