Ready to be your own boss?

Are you interested in owning a business with services that are in wide demand, offers attractctive margins and doesn’t require a lot of start up or fixed operating costs? If so, a Mag-nificent franchise may be ideal for you.

Mag-nificient franchisees provide the right instant photo memory experience for every event and back it up with state of the art technology and world class service and support. Our unique solutions allow our franchisees to offer families, corporations, schools, non-profits fun, affordable and instant photo memories for every occasion.

Capitalize on servicing a growing industry.

The events industry is growing rapidly and research indicates that will continue into the foreseeable future.

Consider the following data from industry research:

  1. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the event industry will grow by 44% from 2010 to 2020, exceeding most growth predictions for other industries. US Bureau of Labor
  2. 65% of brands say that their event and experiential programs are directly related to sales. (EMI & Mosaic) 
  3. 67% of B2B marketers think that event marketing is their most effective strategy. (WebDAM) 

Add to these impressive statistics the fact that photography and videography are part of virtually every type of event manageable and that event organizers are constantly looking for ways to make their events more fun and memorable. Put this all together and it is a great opportunity.

Mag-nificent allows you to offer high-demand services and proprietary technologies that set you apart from other providers in this competitive landscape. Our proven high-margin business model gives you exceptional earning potential in a mobile business that doesn’t demand full-time employees. Wrap all that up in a franchise partner that is committed to your success. Magnificent gains you access and gives you the tools you need to succeed in a growing and prosperous industry.

We provide innovative photo-based experiences that delight attendees and ensure events are memorable.

Our strategy and goal is to become the trusted source for just that. To all sorts of “buyers” from brides planning their wedding or parents planning a mitzvah. And to event planners and corporate marketing departments planning large branded events.

We have a successful track record offering our services across all of these audiences. And we are constantly developing new services to keep our offerings fresh. Our commitment to you is providing unparalleled support and services to set you up for success.

We offer several services that enhance our client’s events.

Check them out here.

The great thing about a Mag-nificent franchise is it isn’t a one size fits all thing.

All kinds of people can be successful through Mag-nificent. No special skills are required.

The “Got my own style” Entrepreneur:

This person wants freedom and control of their own business and probably wants to make more money. They just haven’t found right combination of cool factor, flexibility and affordability. They often start part time and will jump to full time as their business takes off. They are hard working and succeed quickly.

The “It’s time to get outta the rat race” Self-observer:

This person has tons left to give but wants to have more fun and less stress. A Mag-nificent franchise offers is a proven and affordable option that gives them a social outlet that is based on having a good time.

The “I need family around” Support seeker:

In this scenario two or more family members take the leap into entrepreneurship to supplement incomes with hopes of getting out on their own someday soon. These situations can be quite successful because family tends to feed off each other’s strengths.

The “I need to offer more” event specialist:

This person is already in the event business. A DJ or photographer perhaps. They are finding it more and more difficult to compete with the ever-changing event landscape. We allow them to offer a whole lot more and keep them up-to-date with event trends.

No matter what your story is, the most successful franchise owners usually:


  • Devote significant time and energy to the business
  • Have an intense drive and desire to succeed
  • Are out-going and enjoy engaging with people
  • Understand sales and customer service
  • Are in a financial position to allow time for the business to develop

Your Mag-nificent franchise will pay out as much as you put in.

Every franchise will run differently. Some are part time to supplement income. Others will focus all of their time and energy on building the business. Obviously the financial opportunity will vary accordingly. But we can give you some insight on typical event pricing and costs.

We’re gonna show you the money!

Event revenue varies based on the services requested and the length of the event. We usually price services on an hourly or per day basis. We don’t dictate what you charge but we’ve developed our pricing via trial and error over time. Depending on the services provided and the length of the event, the fee for a typical event is $800 - $1500.

I know what I can make but how much will I spend?

Your biggest cost will always be the labor required to properly staff the event. Depending on your market you can expect to pay $15 - $20 per hour for reliable labor. Services purchased, length and size of the event are all variables but in our experience most events can be serviced well with no more than 2 people. And some can be handled with just one.

Of course, the cost will depend on whether you work the event yourself or hire staff.

Beyond the cost of labor, you’ll need some materials such as photo paper, ink, etc. these are generally 10% of sales. Keep in mind any direct expenses like customized signage or graphic design work should be included in your overall event pricing too.

A Mag-nificent franchise is super-affordable!

Besides how cool and flexible owning one of our franchises is they also have a low cost of entry. For less than $35,000, you can be up and running with all of the equipment that you need.

Monthly Fees:

This is how we fund our incredible support system.

With a small additional fee we cover the licensing fees for the MagApp and our Customer Relationship Management system which will allow you to efficiently manage all aspects of your business.

Royalties and Other Fees:

We want you to succeed. We certainly don’t want to burden you with giant upfront costs and fees. Our model is to profit a little when you do.

Here is how we do it:

We require a royalty of 8.5% of the total payments or value received for each event.

There is also a call center contribution equal to $50 per month + 2% of total payments or value received for each event. This helps fund our call center that assists in the sales and booking of your events.

We have a marketing machine in place. Our branding fund is equal to 3% of total payments or value received for each event. It’s used to fund our national marketing campaign and national corporate accounts program.

You will get a large territory to develop your business?

Mag-nificent is a mobile business, events can happen anywhere. So we don’t assign territories in the traditional sense. Rather, we work with you to define a Protected Marketing Area consisting of a population of up to 500,000 people. If you want a larger territory, an additional fee will apply.

You are licensed to promote and market your business in the defined area. With our permission, you may also service events outside of your area when you’re asked to do so. If there isn’t a franchisee in an adjacent area you can market to them until a franchise is established there.

We are absolutely and totally committed to your success.

That goal in mind, we have a wide range of support services to make your life much easier.

Mag-nificent U

The starting point of your journey is a four-day orientation held at our Atlanta, Ga. offices. You’ll learn all the basics to launch your business and service events. You’ll leave there knowing how to set up the equipment, trouble shoot issues and be armed with answers to questions most likely to come up.

Onsite Training

After Mag-U training, we come onsite with you for a day and a half. Ideally this happens in conjunction with your first event.

Sales Center

To assist with your sales and booking, we provide a professionally staffed sales center. By phone, email or live chat they can answer questions, book events and provide information to your customers and prospects.

Marketing Launch Campaign

No reason to own a business no one knows about. To ensure that your business is launched with maximum impact, we’ll design and implement your “grand opening” campaign. We help develop your database, set up your social media sites, and online directory registration. We establish of your page on our site, implement your initial Google Adwords campaign and public relations activities too.

On-Going Marketing Support

We won’t abandon you after launch, we promise! We will conduct regular business reviews coach you to success. We develop and maintain libraries of professionally developed marketing materials, social media content/strategies, videos and pre-designed marketing campaigns all for you to use.

Product Development

We know you have to keep up with the times. To ensure that our Mag-nificent product offering stays fresh, we invest in ongoing product development bringing our franchisees a steady stream of fun and innovative photo memory solutions. Rest assured, when we bring you a new product, it has been thoroughly researched for relevance and the bugs worked out.

Online Reviews

It’s very hard to break into the event industry without a presence on the leading online review sites. In fact 80%+ of brides will not book a vendor if they don’t have positive online reviews. So instead of building your own review base over the next few years just use what we’ve earned over the past 6 years and have instant credibility!

Andrew Levison

Andrew founded the original Mag-nificent location in Atlanta in 2011.  He is the guy that took an idea and built it into a successful business.  Today, he leads the effort to bring on new franchisees and works closely with them to build a successful business.

Michael Levison

Mike recently joined Mag-nificent to help grow the business.  Mike has a long career of launching and growing businesses, both big and small.  He oversees Mag-nificent’s operations and makes sure that all locations have the support they need to be successful.

Graham Levitas

Graham is the General Manager of our Atlanta operation and also provides training and support to other locations.  He leads the efforts to establish best practices and shares his know-how with other Franchisees.  He also take the lead in testing and refining new products, services and techniques before they are released to others.

Cullie Burris

Cullie is our Director of Digital Marketing and applies his deep expertise in all things digital to help our Franchisees launch and successfully build their lead generation pipeline.  He also applies his expertise in search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing and social media to help us drive new leads for our Franchisees.


Erez Fern

Erez leads our MagApp development team.  He takes the vision for the app’s functionality and turns it into reality.  His ability to bring these features to market quickly and cost effectively ensures that our Franchisees can count on a competitive edge for years to come.

We know how to catch big fish!

In addition to all of the support you’ll get, we work hard to develop business for you. Our national accounts program exposes Mag-nificent’s services to large multi-state brands and events. We have expertise to navigate the complex negotiations that often come with these big opportunities. Our job is to find the opportunity, bring you in and keep it simple for you.

Additionally, we constantly showcase our products and services at a number of trade shows attended by event professionals across the country.

Legal Notice

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