The City of Brotherly Love has gained a Mag-nificent addition!

Our newest franchise has opened it’s doors in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and we couldn’t be more excited! As our third established location outside of our headquarters, we are thrilled to bring the joy of instant photo services to specials events and gatherings in the Philly area!  We’ll be offering our seven interactive photo and video experiences that will allow users and event-goers to capture memories like never before. Our services will include:

  • Photo Magnets that you can take with our app, print on-site and take home
  • Video Cube that allows a fun way for guests to leave video messages
  • Green Screens to send your guests to places far away
  • Photo Cube (or photo booth) with props to capture all of the funny moments
  • Retropix for those who want to take it back old school
  • Mag App for sharing all photos and videos directly to social media

Let us help make your special events in and near Philadelphia more than memorable! Continue reading below to learn more about our instant photo experiences as well as our preferred vendors and venues in the Philly area. Learn more about us by requesting a quote below!


Photo Magnets

Mag-nificent’s most popular experience is also the inspiration behind their name! During an initial consultation, the Mag team meets with the event coordinator to create a unique “picture frame” that will be used for the event. The frame can be customized with text, color and images all relative to the event. This design is used as a magnetic border on the photos taken at the event. Once a design is completed, the fun begins! At the specific event an experienced photographer will take countless shots of the fun from all angles. These candid shots get placed on a giant magnetic board located somewhere in the venue and are updated every 10 -15 minutes with new fun images. Multiple copies are printed so everyone goes home happy.

Photo Cube

Our Social Media enabled photo cube allows for a more traditional experience with integrations that make it fun and unique. Users can take professional selfies and record videos in front of backdrops or green screens, with the easy ability to upload shots on to their social media accounts. The Mag-nificent Photo Cube takes your fun viral!

Video Cube

The Video Cube from Mag-nificent allows guests to create and send a special message to the hosts with added social media integration. All videos are saved to create giant video compilation, making it a truly unique memory!

Mag-nificent App

There’s an app for that!

Included with any Mag-nificent event, our proprietary app allows for real-time social sharing with instant on-site printing. The MagApp allows event attendees to participate by creating their own event photo memories and sharing them to the your permanent online photo and video album all accessible through the app. The geo-location features eve tags attendees to the event without location codes needed!


Retropix re-creates the fun and nostalgia that polaroid pictures brought to millions. Retropix allows for pre-customized borders and are printed out for attendees every few minutes throughout the event. Our photographer can remain stationary or mobile to capture the most memorable moments.


If Magnets aren’t your thing, we also offer our same great service in various size prints. All photos come with an optional customized frame design that is created before the event. Every few minutes, the photos are displayed on a table for attendees to pick up. We place a sticker with a password on the back of each photo so everyone can easily find their photos easily on our website.

Mag-nificent Green Screen

Mag-nificent parties are out of this world! Work with our graphic design team and create custom backgrounds before your event! You can send your guests to the rain forest or to center court of Madison Square Garden! Our packages come with unlimited 4×6 prints or 2×6 photo strips. Party props are included in most packages. Custom engraved cardboard frames are also available!

Mag-nificent Event Types

Our team specializes in catering to all different types of events. We bring dedication and experience to making your event unforgettable. Our most common special events include birthdays, concerts/festivals, corporate events, fraternity/sorority socials, mitzvahs, non-profit, sporting and weddings!

See it to believe it!

We take pride in creating experiences that are more than just memorable and our customer testimonials are a true testament to our mission. Visit our homepage to see what our patrons have to say about our services.

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Jared Pashko

Born and raised in Philadelphia Jared is our Philadelphia Lead. He comes with an extensive background in the event space. His expertise in personal events such as weddings, sweet 16s, and Mitzvahs as well as corporate events such as conferences, conventions, and concerts make him a natural fit to lead our Philadelphia operations. Over the years, Jared has staffed numerous mag-nificent. We are excited to have Jared head up our growing operation in Philadelphia.