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We put a lot into our proprietary smart phone application so you get a lot out of it.

The MagApp is our secret sauce that sets us apart from other event photo companies! It’s easily downloaded and allows real-time social sharing with instant on-site printing. What’s more? The geo-location feature tags your attendees to your event without any codes needed.

Included with any Mag-nificent engagement, The MagApp allows event attendees to participate by creating their own event photo memories and sharing them to the your permanent online photo and video album all accessible through the app. If that’s not enough all photos can also be shared to guest's social media sites or event organizer's social media feeds in real time!

Unique to Mag-nificent the MagApp provides:

  • A free unparalleled experience that is included with every event you hire us for
  • A geo-location feature that automatically tags your guests to the event
  • A unique engagement platform allowing attendees to participate in the process by creating photo memories and contributing to the event’s permanent photo and video album
  • A custom designed frame applied to all event photos. We can even create multiple frames for your guests to choose from
  • Personal mementos via on-sight printers
  • A complete photo album for the entire event on attendee’s mobile devices
  • Sharing to guest's social media sites and event organizer's social media feeds instantly
  • Prints for any photo that can be ordered directly from the app
  • Valuable data collection provides our corporate clients with information on event attendees

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