We Love Working With Non-Profit Events!

Mag-nificent is the perfect addition to non-profit fundraisers, galas, 5K races, and more.  The customized border design allows for the inclusion of sponsor logos on every photo, as well as other information such as a donation website.  Add in the organization’s logo and the date, and you have a memory that will last for years to come.

Planning a golf outing?  Our process allows for a non-intrusive way for your golfers to get a great souvenir of the day.  Our photographer goes out on the course to take a photo of each group in action.  By the time the golfers get back to the clubhouse, their beautiful photo magnet is waiting for them.

Planning a 5K race?  We LOVE 5Ks! Our photographers snap hundreds of photos before the race begins.  As the runners cross the finish line, they grab their shiny new photo magnets!

Not feeling magnets for your event?  No problem.  All options are available on standard prints.  No matter what you choose, you’ll always get an online gallery of all photos as well.

We understand that the budget is a important factor when planning non-profit events and have several ways to financially accommodate your needs.  In addition to our non-profit pricing, we donate 50% of the post-event online sales back to the organization.