As the holidays are approaching, it’s time to start planning office festivities! Company holiday parties are always something everyone in the office looks forward to. To make sure this year’s party is the best yet, here are some great ideas to get excited about this holiday season!

If work for a smaller company, gather everyone in the office and go ice skating! There are some places that have outdoor ice skating and indoor as well, but you will need to bundle up either way. After you and your team have gone ice skating for a while, go out for dessert and enjoy some hot chocolate together. Have one of Mag-nificent’s instant photo experience, retropix, similar to a polaroid. You will be able to customize the border with text and images of your choice. At the event, Mag-nificent’s photographer can either stay stationary or roam around the event. Every few minutes, the photos are printed and put on the board for attendees to come pick up. All photos are live streamed to Mag-nificent’s website for downloading and sharing to social media.

Have a casino themed holiday party! Give everyone a raffle ticket as they enter, then a few times during the evening, halt activities to announce winners. Stock the prize box with items like gift cards, Apple TVs, Amazon Alexas and tickets to sporting events. Set up slots, poker tables, and roulette for a fun and unique corporate holiday party activity. You will want to make sure food is edible in small bites, and available on toothpicks, shish kabobs, or dippable with chips or veggies. Pack the buffet table with on-theme dishes like Texas Hold ‘Em Hamburger Bites, Black Jack Cheese Dip, Full House Martinis, Roll the dice sushi rolls and Poker chips and dip. Have a live band for your guest to dance to if they don’t want to play poker or eat and to also have good ambiance. Ask attendees at your holiday party to jazz up their outfits and wear classy formal attire. For this holiday party, have Mag-nificent’s sleek looking photo tower can be used with the booth canopy or stand alone. Your attendees can also record video messages. Mag-nificent’s social media integration allows users to share to your organizations Facebook page or their own.

For a fun, but less active way to get out of the office, hire a party bus or limousine to take your team on a tour of your neighborhood or city’s most stunning holiday lights. Depending on the vendor you rent from, your party bus or limo will probably already be stocked with snacks and drinks, but you can also bring along your own festive treats to really nail down the holiday theme. The MagApp will be perfect for this party because you will be on the go! The MagApp allows you to participate by creating your own event photo memories and sharing them to your permanent online photo and video album all accessible through the app. If that’s not enough all photos can also be shared to guest’s social media sites or event organizer’s social media feeds in real time!

Hockey, basketball, and football are all in full swing during November and December, so round up the troops and turn your corporate holiday party into a sports-fueled soiree. A fun perk idea? Provide everyone with a hat or shirt to cheer on your team. When does one get the opportunity to jump behind the wheel of 5 horsepower and whoop his or her colleagues in go kart racing? Your corporate holiday party should be just that opportunity. Run free into the flashing lights of the arcade and connect with your colleagues as you challenge each other to air hockey and PAC-MAN, or share futile attempts to claim that plush Batman with the impossibly flimsy claw. Prepare employees for a night of junk food: ballpark hot dogs, salty nachos, cotton candy, Bud Light in an aluminum bottle, pretzels and “cheese.”Get whisked away to far away lands with Mag-nificent’s green screen. Work with Mag-nificicent’s graphic design team before your event to create custom backgrounds before the event. You can send your guests to the rain forest or to center court of Madison Square Garden! Mag-nificent’s packages come with unlimited 4×6 prints or 2×6 photo strips. Party props are included in most packages. Custom engraved cardboard frames are also available.

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