It is never too early to start planning a New Years party especially when you are planning other holiday parties. Whether you are having a small intimate gathering or a large party, there is no better way to remember ringing in 2020 than by having Mag-nificent capture your party. Here are so great party ideas to make 2020 the best year yet!

Have a throwback themed party and chose either the 70s, 80s, or 90s to have your guests to dress up in. This will be a fun costume party and your attendees can get creative and reminisce on some of their favorite moments in pop culture. Your decorations and music selections should align with the decade you’ve decided on, along with a karaoke machine so you and your guests can belt your favorite throwback songs. Have a drink table and create some decade inspired drinks such as groovy gin and tonic or a poppin’ long island iced tea. Capture your throwback New Year’s party with Mag-nificent’s photo cube! The sleek looking photo tower can be used with the booth canopy or stand alone. Your attendees can also record video messages. Mag-nificent’s social media integration allows your guests to share to their Facebook page. Solid color backdrops and green screen will be available. Props are also available upon request.

For a more intimate gathering, have a midnight New Year’s brunch! Invite family and friends over for a midnight dinner completed by your favorite breakfast and lunch foods. Create a mimosa bar with champagne, fresh squeezed juice, and fruit for guests to make their own mimosas. When it comes to decor, you can stick to a blush, white, and gold color palette. This is a fun and alternative idea that includes plenty of good food and laughter. To remember your last night of 2019, capture it with The MagApp! The MagApp is easily downloaded and allows real-time social sharing with instant on-site printing. The geo-location feature tags your attendees to your event without any codes needed. Included with any Mag-nificent engagement, The MagApp allows your guests to participate by creating their own event photo memories and sharing them to your permanent online photo and video album all accessible through the app. You can also create a breakfast/brunch themed border to stay in tune with your theme. If that’s not enough all photos can also be shared to your guest’s social media sites or your social media feeds in real time!

Throw a Gatsby themed party to ring in the 20s! Have everyone dress in flapper dresses and old timey suits. Feathers, champagne, swinging jazz, and some sparkle can effortlessly transport party guests back in time to the roaring 1920s. Have metallic decorations and put up gold streamers or ribbons. You can even have silver candle holders, gold balloons, and metallic serving dishes and utensils to keep with the theme. Create a playlist for the party that features remixed jazz, 20s jazz music, and even the Great Gatsby movie soundtrack. This can be a larger gathering and would be perfect to use is Mag-nificent’s SmartSharing feature for the classic magnets. After taking a photo, your guests simply enter their phone number on the photographer’s mobile screen. Not only will that photo be instantly sent, but all future photos in which they appear will also be sent. In addition, you can send everyone a post event text message of your choice. To ensure that every photo you are in will be sent to you is because of the smart photo sharing’s unique custom algorithms, artificial intelligence and much more to create the most effective private photo sharing experience.

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