Denver Events Just Got Mag-nificent!

Denver is a vibrant metropolis. With the majestic Rocky Mountains in the backdrop, this city succeeds in combining historical areas with contemporary building developments. It has become a destination for weddings and special events. And our new Mag-nificent location is right there to help make Denver events more memorable and enjoyable than ever with the expansion of our instant photo experiences.

Bring a Green Screen Experience to a Wedding Reception

The green screen transports your guests to any location in the world. While your wedding may be taking place at the Grant Humphreys Mansion near Downtown, guests might place themselves in the middle of the Amazon Rain Forest. Party props heighten the enjoyment and fun that your friends and family members experience. Because Mag-nificent includes unlimited photo strips as well as four-by-six prints, everyone gets to take home a memory.

Invite the World to an Intimate Vow Renewal with a Photo or Video Cube

What happens when you plan to renew your wedding vows with about 70 of your closest friends? Easy! You open up the experience to the world via social media. Doing so is possible by having Mag-nificent’s social media integration at the photo booth. Guests take pictures and share them on various platforms right then and there. Let the whole world see how much fun you are having!

Bring Fun and Excitement to Corporate Events with Custom Photo Prints

Are you thinking of hosting a corporate event at the Hyatt Regency near the Denver Tech Center? This is a spacious venue that can accommodate large crowds. Whether this is a work-related function or an end-of-the-year party, offer custom photo prints. Mag-nificent enables you to select a custom-designed frame that commemorates the event. In the alternative, consider offering engraved cardboard frames that feature your corporate name and logo.

What Mag-nificent Brings to the Table

Denver audiences are choosy. Yesterday’s photo booth will not suffice. Social media tie-ins, on the other hand, are a huge boost for any event. Most importantly, they help set apart your festivities from others. Not every entertainment services provider has chosen to take this type of forward-looking approach to its products. Some still operate with the same outdated props and equipment.

However, as a host with a large number of guests to impress, you want to rely on a photographer who does more than snap a few pictures. In this case, Mag-nificent truly shines. Experts in the field tailor the experience to your tastes. Your guests receive beautiful memories that allow for a fair bit of personal customization.

Social media interactivity creates a buzz about your event. You will love being the center of attention offline as well as on. Similarly, partygoers and event attendees appreciate that they can share with others what they see and hear. And because there are so many different types of photo presentations to choose from, Mag-nificent will always be relevant to events in the Mile High City.

Learn more about this unique opportunity today. Find out how Mag-nificent can turn your Denver events into a talked-about affair all around town. Contact us today to learn more!

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