Take Your Party Photos to the Next Level!

Give partygoers the gift of memories. Whether you host a holiday party and Santa himself makes an appearance, are in charge of planning a fundraising gala, party photos capture the moments. However, there are several ways to make these photos stand out.

Customized Frames Memorialize the Event

Before your event, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a Mag-nificent expert to create a custom frame for the photos taken and printed at your event. This frame design bespeaks the special event. It can be bold and colorful. In the alternative, it might be slim and blends in with the décor. Each photo features the distinctive frame.

When you prefer that the photos print without the add-on, consider the addition of custom-engraved cardboard frames. Rather than merely picking up a picture, your guests receive the cardboard frame to hold it. This frame showcases your event’s details. It might also display a thank-you message to attendees.

Because the photos are printed every few minutes, your guests can pick them up as the festivities go on. This way, they may be able to receive more than one memory of their evening. Best of all, it is an excellent opportunity for partygoers to plan to have photos taken with other guests.

Photo Magnets are a Hit at Any Special Occasion

The Mag-nificent photographer moves around the venue. Throughout the evening, this expert takes candid shots of partygoers. Some feature guests dancing and having a great time. Occasionally, someone will pose for the photographer. No matter your guests’ preference, the images look great.

Every 15 minutes, the batch of photos is released and posted to a magnetic whiteboard. If there are three people in a photo, the expert prints three images. This way, everyone gets a copy of the picture. Attendees visit the whiteboard and take their photos. Throughout the evening, there are more and more photos.

Imagine the fun people could have at a class reunion. Reconnect with old friends, make new ones, and meet all around lovely people. Take home images that remind you of the past days. Best of all, ask your friends to put their information on the backs. This could be a great way of combining names with faces.

Experience the Mag-nificent Difference

Most other party photographers will create an album for the host. Mag-nificent does that, too. However, other professionals will not provide partygoers with customized copies of the shots. They might put up the best ones. Even then, they may only post a few. Mag-nificent believes that each memory can be a treasure that guests will cherish.

In addition to onsite printing and unlimited hard copies for guests, they will also be able to access all photos taken via the Mag App. Our proprietary app is available for free download to all guests and gives them the direct ability to save and promote their photos on social media. This is an excellent way for your event to gain more exposure and highlight the most special moments.

Learn more about the new approach Mag-nificent takes to party photos. From the photo and video cubes to social media sharing, it is a whole new way of capturing memories and letting your guests – and you – enjoy them. Contact us today for a quote on your special event.

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