Christmas Party Ideas & Planning Tips

Are you in charge of planning the holiday festivities for your company this year? Maybe you need Christmas party ideas for the annual family get-together. You want the event to be memorable and fun-filled. Do you have to go over the top to make this happen? Actually, no. Here is how to put together a great holiday party and keep your sanity – and budget – intact.

Choose a Theme

Themed parties make décor selections, color choices, and food options a snap to coordinate. Go old school and choose a Winter Wonderland Theme or be a little more edgy with A Christmas Story. Guests readily recognize the decorative details and have an easy time getting in the mood. Outline the theme on the invitations so that attendees know what to expect. Conversely, you might keep the theme a surprise for that extra wow factor.

Host a Sit-Down Meal for Groups of Adults

When there are no children in the group, a catered sit-down meal is an excellent option. Start with an appetizer and end with a dessert. One main course should be sufficient. Consider having a caterer who will pair wines with the various foods that the guests enjoy. It offers attendees an opportunity to try different combinations, which they are sure to remember.

If you do have a number of children in the group, dial back the alcohol and offer child-friendly meal options. You might also forgo the formal sit-down dinner for a more kid-friendly buffet. In this scenario, the caterer should present a selection of all the holiday favorites that run the gamut from prime rib to ham.

Lighten the Atmosphere with a White Elephant or Secret Santa Gift Exchange

There are countless ways to making this part of the event fun and even silly. Gauge your audience. If the party will be formal, keep the white elephant exchange brief or make it a secret Santa gift presentation. If it is a family event with plenty of friendly faces, add twists and turns. Examples might include the option of stealing someone else’s gift at the roll of some dice.

Consider a Photo Booth Rental From Mag-nificent

Providing guests with a way to take home their memories is more appreciated than ever. Photo magnets and instant prints are an excellent option for the family holiday event. Get everyone together and have the pro snap a picture. It will print with a frame that indicates the date of the event and anything else you want guests to remember. For corporate events, a customized cardboard frame with the firm’s name, logo, and corporate colors may be a better option.

You can never go wrong with a photo cube. It has all the props and customization options that the standard photo booth offers. However, it also lets guests share to social media. Imagine being the talk of the town even as your guests are still at the party having a great time! Experienced hosts usually set up an event hashtag ahead of time to make the event searchable on the various social media platforms.

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