Bring in 2019 With These New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

You are not hosting just another New Year’s Eve party. No, this one is going to be one for the books. You want attendees to remember this stylish gathering for years to come. However, how can you put together a festive gathering that rolls elegance, glamour, and fun all into one package? We have some New Year’s Eve party ideas that could take the festivities over the top.

Start with a Color Scheme

There are usually three distinctive options for your soiree. Go with a black and white stark contrast. It is stylish and allows for an elegant presentation. Opt for a combination of silver, gold, a black, which dials down the formality somewhat. A third alternative encourages the use of bold colors and plenty of glitter and sequins; the more, the better. This exciting setup can be the backdrop for a wild New Year’s Eve party.

Think through the Decorative Details

Old clocks, bits and pieces of clockwork, and streamers are all ideally suited for décor. Place them on the tables. If you want to go over the top, set all the clocks to ring at midnight. It is a great touch that guests are sure to remember. Intersperse other timekeeping devices such as hourglasses and add some sand to the tables as part of your décor.

Serve “Lucky” New Year’s Foods

Work with your caterer to put together a menu that features traditional food options folklore deems lucky for the occasion. These include black-eyed peas, ham, greens, grapes, and tamales. Because this soiree will last for a few hours, a sit-down meal is typically not necessary. A buffet may be a better option for those revelers who develop a second appetite around midnight. Have a bartender on hand to mix chic cocktails with flair and some showmanship, too.

Find the Right Entertainment

How traditional do you want the party to be? A typical soiree is a great occasion to welcome local musical talent to the party. Opt for a classically trained musician to create background music or choose a band that puts on a bit of a performance. Later on, a DJ can pick up and maintain the ambiance with recorded tunes. If you bring in entertainers, also consider buskers who can delight guests with different acts. Depending on the size of the party, you might station them at different areas of the venue. Check out this list of must-have entertainment for your special event

Capture Memories that Last a Lifetime

Photo Booth Experiences are a must have for bringing in the new year and adding a photo cube is the perfect way to do it.  It is the modern equivalent of the photo booth and comes complete with props and all the fun extras that let friends and groups pose for great pictures.

In addition, there is Mag-nificent’s video cube. It encourages guests to record a video message. Let your guests record their predictions for you. Mag-nificent will compile the videos for you. These are going to be a significant part of the entertainment for next year. Most importantly, attendees can share their videos on social media, which is a great hit.

Contact Mag-nificent today for more New Year’s Eve party ideas.

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