Special Events Ideas With an Entertaining Twist

You have already arranged for food and beverages. The venue had your booking on the calendar for months. However, do you have the must-have entertainment services in place that transform special events from good to fantastic? Here are some suggestions that help you put the perfect finishing touch on any special occasion.

Silent Auctions Add Fun and Excitement to an Event

For a fundraiser, select upscale items. Examples include golf bags, fleece jackets, and crystal ware. Bidders have an opportunity to fill out forms that let them make an offer. Up the ante with company-specific or niche-centric services. For example, solicit donations of time and expertise from corporate donors. A recruiter might offer career-coaching services. The bidding system works the same.

Retro Video Games Appeal to the Child in Everyone

Gauge the overall age of attendees. Some fondly remember the first generations of PlayStation games and even older platforms. (Did someone say Atari?) Your guests will love having an opportunity to re-play these games on a big screen. For some, it will be a welcome trip down memory lane. In fact, why not set up multiple monitors to make it a friendly competition?

Bring in the Buskers

Add buskers to your live entertainment lineup!  Some are musicians, which can fulfill your requirements for weddings or dance parties. Others are jugglers, caricaturists, mimes, and similar street entertainers. Station them around the venue so that people can enjoy music and a different style of entertainment at their leisure. If you want to encourage conversation and group interactions, this entertainment presentation hits all the right notes.

Add Instant Memories With Photo Booth Fun

The days of the old-fashioned photo booths are over. You need an event photo specialist who provides incredible photo booth experiences and more. Let your guests use props that tie in with the silent auction or video game setup you chose. It is not uncommon for impromptu gaming leagues to form, which they want to see their membership memorialized with photos. Moreover, you might find some guests posing with their favorite buskers.

Provide Social Media Integration

Corporate functions, fundraisers, and special group events thrive on social media interaction. Develop a hashtag for the event. Whether it is a party-specific title or one that focuses on the group’s name, this hashtag now makes sharing content across multiple social media platforms easy. When you serve specially designed meals, desserts, or drinks, you will soon see them shared on various networks. The same is true for the photos that your specialist takes.

Get Started With a Photo Booth and More!

Do you need some help with putting together the special events that are on your calendar? You do not have to go it alone. Mag-nificent is here to assist you. Whether it is a social or corporate event, our team will help with making beautiful memories that your guests will recall for years to come. Professional photographers enhance any occasion. Contact us today to put your plans into action!

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