Planning a Corporate Event? Consider These Holiday Party Ideas and Tips!

The holidays are right around the corner and that means its time for party planning! Although you love to participate in these events, planning them can be stressful and time-consuming. With these helpful holiday party ideas, putting together the festivities will be a snap.

Choose a Location

It is always a good idea to host a party away from the office. Staying near the offices and workstations makes it too tempting for some to talk about business – and very little else. Besides, it is difficult to let your hair down when the stack of unfinished files is sitting three desks over. Choose a venue that is easy to reach from the office, which makes parking convenient. Need help selecting a venue? This list of corporate event ideas can help you choose a venue that is perfect for your occasion. 

Select a Theme

Themed parties are always easier to plan. They provide you with a blueprint for décor, food options, and give-away items. Moreover, they help get the guests in the mood by giving them ideas for dressing up – or down. Reveal the theme in the invitations. It starts a buzz among employees and will boost excitement about the event.

Find a Caterer

Although a potluck is an inexpensive option – particularly for smaller companies – it is a better idea to have a caterer take control of the food. If you plan to have a sit-down meal for the holiday party, the caterer will provide the servers to make it a smooth experience. For a more extended party, consider a self-serve buffet. It decreases the sense of formality, which can be an asset to your planning efforts.

Give out Door Prizes

Employees love receiving prizes. The goal is for everyone to walk away with something. Prizes might include technology such as TVs or laptops, subscriptions to services, or branded products such as clothes or consumer goods. Raffle off additional items or host a community charity event with prizes for cash donations.

Plan Activities

There is a good chance that you might not need all the activities you plan. That said, if the festivities get off to a slow start, it is a good idea to have some icebreakers that get attendees to mix and mingle. The trick here is to break up cliques of people who usually hang out together. Fun activities are great ways of making this happen without appearing overbearing.

Bring in a Photo Booth Service with the Smart Phone App That is a Game Changer

Adding Photo Booth Experiences is a great way to capture the special moments of your event while also getting attendees involved in a fun and creative way. Now you can take the photo booth fun to the next level with social media sharing.

By using the MagApp with other photo booth experiences, it gives attendees at your corporate event the opportunity to put up their photo memories and then share them. These images are saved to your online photo album and after the event, you can curate the photos and put them together for a company-wide mailer. Most importantly, guests have the option of sharing their images on social media. For the take-home pictures, there is the customized frame that commemorates the date, company name, and event occasion.

Do you need more holiday party ideas? Contact Mag-nificent today to learn about other event services that could put a unique spin on your party.

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