Plan The Ultimate Corporate Event

Corporate events are a great way to market your brand, show employee appreciation, or just have some fun outside of your workplace.  Coming up with different corporate event ideas can be tough. Depending on the size of the company or event, planning for such an occasion requires organization and creativity to create an experience that everyone will enjoy and remember. Here are three tips to help you get the most out of your next corporate event in or near Atlanta, Ga.

Choose The Right Venue

One of the first steps in successfully planning a corporate event is determining the appropriate venue to host the affair. Atlanta offers countless venues that are sure to enhance your event, but there are several details that you should consider to make the most suitable decision. Perhaps the foremost issue is crowd size. You will need to find a venue that is fully capable of hosting your guest list. In most cases, it is better to choose locations with capacity that exceeds your guest list. This decision will avoid unforeseen issues with capacity laws and ensure that your attendees are not uncomfortable due to the limited size of the space.

Once you have found a list of possible venues that can accommodate the size of your corporate event, you should focus on more personal details of each potential host. It is essential to find a venue that can be flexible to your specific needs. These needs can include load in times, setup parameters and any particular details unique to your event. By establishing this early on in the planning process, you put yourself in a better position to avoid complications throughout the process.

To ensure that the venue can match your requirements, ask a lot of questions. Create an organized list of requests that you need to be fulfilled to execute your event. Don’t be shy! The venue coordinators need to accommodate your needs, not the other way around. Once you have made a final decision on the location of your event we suggest establishing a primary point of contact that you are comfortable communicating with on a frequent basis. Having a consistent point of contact will be helpful in navigating obstacles or issues that arise throughout the planning stage or during the event.

Give the People What They Want!

When hosting a corporate gathering for the benefit of employees, clients, or prospects, providing quality food options is essential to keeping people happy. Trust us, “hangry” people don’t make for fun or lively events! Atlanta has several impressive catering solutions will make sure your event is memorable for the right reasons. Low Country Catering provides custom menu options for any occasion and is sure to leave guests with an enjoyable experience.

People also love to dance. Adding music to your event is a terrific way to create a fun and friendly atmosphere that is enjoyed by all. Hiring a DJ or renting professional equipment is a great way to boost the energy of the event. It also provides a solution to addressing large groups with professional sound engineer equipment.

Make Your Event Mag-nificent

Mag-nificent is an event entertainment company that provides a variety of services for creating fun instant photo experiences for all types of events. All of our services are tied together with an innovative app-based engagement platform that allows all of the event’s attendees to participate in the process by creating their own photo memories from the event and contributing those photos to the event’s permanent photo and video album.

Mag-nificent offers seven different photo experiences that will leave your guests with customizable and physical memories that will continue to promote your brand and remind them of how much fun they had. It’s a win-win! Visit our website to learn more about our unique photo experiences and how we can help make your next event Mag-nificent.

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