Take Your Event Coordinator Business to the Next Level

What does it take to pull off the perfect event? Anyone who has ever put on a birthday party, wedding, or corporate holiday shindig knows that the detail work is time-consuming, frustrating, and sometimes thankless. For this reason, most people now hire an event coordinator to do the heavy lifting. If you are in the business, there are a few tools that can help you boost your reach.

Choose a Niche and Stick with It (until you are ready to move on)

Your niche might be the wedding business. Then again, you might specialize in corporate events. As someone in the event coordination business, the niche you select depends on the vendor contacts you have established. For example, if you have a good working relationship with the local hotel industry insiders, you can accommodate larger parties and events than someone who needs to forge these connections.

Use Accounting Software to Help Clients Plan Events

Most individuals want to go big. They have a huge guest list. Provide budgeting services as an add-on to what you already do. It may deflate some customers’ plans; however, it allows them to plan realistically for what they can afford. Most importantly, you can reuse the software again and again for different clients. Moreover, it will help you in your own business to keep track of expenses, too.

Sign Shops with Quick Turn-Around Times are Crucial Allies

The sign shop can put together vinyl banners, step and repeat backdrops for fundraisers, and banner stands signage. Having customized signs that welcome attendees raises the overall cachet of the event. Clients will appreciate seeing their names in professional lettering. Most importantly, these signs can become keepsakes for birthdays or wedding receptions.

Social Media Savvy is a Necessity

Facebook and Twitter thrive on hashtag use. These terms allow attendees and invited guests to check out the event while it is happening. Those who cannot make it appreciate this opportunity to participate in absentia. Those who are at the event love to see what other attendees share. However, it is vital to choose a hashtag ahead of time to prevent conflicts with other parties and also promote it on social media. In fact, savvy coordination specialists will create an event page with the hashtag ahead of time.

Build Working Relationships with Event Services Providers

Caterers are the backbones of any good-quality event. Work with multiple providers to ensure that you always have a set of professionals ready to serve at short notice. Entertainers are another set of event services providers you cannot do without. DJs should bring their own equipment. Look for those who have lighting equipment as well. Photo cubes are the next items on the list. Photo booths are no longer up to date. Today’s photo cube allows for instant social media sharing of images and even short videos.

Connect with an Experienced Event Services Providers to Grow Your Business

Whether you are a new or experienced event coordinator, talk to the friendly folks at Mag-nificent for additional help. We routinely work with industry professionals to help make events memorable. Contact us today to learn more about our photo booth services or even operating a franchise of your own!

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