Add Some Fun To Your Next Work Conference

If you’re planning a company-wide conference, you know that is NO small task. Not only do you have to schedule speakers, coordinate meals, and accommodations, and make sure the presenters have everything they need, you also need to make it FUN. Work conferences are a great opportunity to show your appreciation to everyone who plays a part in the success of the company, and they are an excellent opportunity to let employees at all levels get to know one another on a more even playing field.

If you’re trying to come up with ideas to make your work conference fun, engaging, and memorable, we’ve got some ideas that will WOW the attendees!

Host a Costume Party

Perfect for an October party, but fun any time, set aside one evening of the conference to encourage everyone to let their hair down for a costume party. Whether it’s a Halloween party, a retro-theme, or even a theme based on your company, a costume event is an icebreaker that is sure to lead to laughs. Don’t forget to set up a vote for the best costume or have the employees select the best costume from the C-Suite!

Headquarters Scavenger Hunt

If your convention is held near company headquarters, bring the crew over for a scavenger hunt. Set it up to where teams will visit each department and have to find items that they can only get from executives. Not only does this create a fun way for employees to see what’s happening behind the scene, it’s also a really great way for employees and executives to interact in a fun way while learning more about each other.

Turn the Tables on the Panel Discussions

Instead of having a panel discussion where the execs are on a stage and the audience of employees is asking questions, flip it around! Get expertise from every department and level of the company by selecting some experienced employees to host a panel and share their expertise from down in the trenches. Their peers, other departments, and execs can all ask questions to get a new perspective of what each group does and how they add to the company.

Set Up A Picnic

Make one meal the ultimate in casual dining by creating a picnic event. Spread out blankets across the lawn of the conference location or in a large, open room, and in the center of each blanket set a basket for between four and eight people. This is an excellent way for the C-suite executives to get to chat in a casual manner with the field team or let other departments get the opportunity to mingle.

Have Fun with Photography

Make sure you record the conference, especially the fun side! Hire a photographer to capture candids, and set up group photos so everyone can see the faces behind the different departments or branches. Send the team home with awesome gifts such as photo magnets with customized borders that remind them of the great time they had.

Let your team take part in the memories by giving them access to an app that lets everyone upload and share photos from the conference. Not only does this make it easy to share pictures, you can also use this option to gather photos to put on the company website or use in a newsletter.  

No matter what you have in mind for your work conference, Mag-nificent Photo Events can help you take it to the next level! Contact us about hiring a photographer, setting up a photo booth, creating customizable photo-gifts, and using our free Mag-nificent app!

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