Super Bowl Party Ideas You Can’t Pass Up!

Super Bowl 2019 is just around the corner. This year will see the match between the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams. What are some fun activities for Super Bowl Sunday when you are in charge of hosting the party? Leave it to Mag-nificent to put together a number of (last-minute) Super Bowl party ideas for any budget.

Ambiance is Key

Decorate your party venue. Whether it is your home or a rented facility, there is plenty of space for football-themed décor. Football-shaped serving bowls, napkins, and team regalia of both teams are some options. Go for the gusto with life-size cutouts of football’s greatest players. Put them around the room to set the tone. Also, they are great backdrops for photo opportunities.

Plan Games for the Kids

Get the youngsters in on the action. Unless you want them to complain about boredom, it is a good idea to find age-appropriate activities. Football-themed coloring pages, beanbag toss games, or games combining a football and hula-hoops can be clear winners. Older kids, who will watch the game with you, might enjoy participating in a game edition bingo contest. Focus on the commercials or sideline commentary that goes on during the football game itself. Prizes keep the attention of partygoers riveted to the screen.

Have Finger Food and Buffet-Style Eats

Unless you want to spend time at the grill while everyone else is cheering the teams, it is best to make food a self-serve setup. Chafing dishes keep foods hot throughout the game. Use plates set in ice-filled coolers to hold condiments and cold foods at safe temperatures. Crock-pots filled with chili and cheese dips are excellent options. Remember to have alternatives for your vegetarian friends as well as picky eaters who yearn for hot dogs and little else.

Think Through the Drink Offerings

Should you serve alcohol? It is up to you. If people are driving, you might want to tread lightly or make the coolers disappear halfway through the game. For children, consider juice boxes. Adults can do well with soda cans or single-serve bottles. This cuts down on the need for cups that tend to get spilled, lost, and end up littering the kitchen, living room, and yard. Have recycling bins for cans and glass to encourage guests to dispose of empties rather than leaving them sitting around.

Provide Photo BoothEntertainment for All to Enjoy

There will be some guests who come for the hangout time. They care little about the big game but love the idea of hanging out, spending time with friends, eating good food, and having fun. Make sure you have activities for these adults. One great option is the Mag-nificent photo booth and other instant photo experiences.

Our team can create photos with custom borders for the big game. We bring custom backdrops, props, and everything else to make the party a memorable event for all attendees. When your guests share live from your party, everyone on your social media feed will wish to be right where you are watching the Super Bowl.

For additional Super Bowl party ideas, contact Mag-nificent today and request a quote for your event!

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