Festival Ideas Your Attendees Will Love

Festival season is officially here! Festivals are a great way to bring the community together for music, food, and art. Here are some excellent festival ideas to help you plan your summer festival!

A fun food idea is a taco and margarita festival. This festival would cater Mexican food from different restaurants in your area so that people can try a little bit from every vendor. This festival would also have bar booths distributed near the food vendors, providing guests with margaritas or other alcoholic beverages of their choice. The festival would have live music from local artists in your area. It would be trendy to have a vendor similar to King of Pops, so people can cool down with a tasty treat. A great venue would be a park to hold lots of people. This would be a great festival during the hot summer to enjoy music and great food and drinks!

Another summer festival idea would be a yoga festival. This festival would be in the park of your choosing. The festival would hold a couple of different yoga classes in the park, so people can decide which one they want to go to. There will be vendors such as Lululemon and Athletica with some clothes for people to browse and shop at after or before the yoga classes. There will also be healthy food vendors such as a juice and smoothie place, Zoe’s Kitchen, and a kombucha tent to taste test different kombuchas. This would be a fun and different exercise festival to have this summer!

Add Interactive Photo Booths & Other Experiences

A great way to remember your summer festival is to have the Mag-nificent team there to capture the liveliness from the event. A great instant photo experience for your summer festival would be Mag-nificent’s photo cube! The social media enabled photo and video booth is perfect for your festival attendees because the photo cube allows users to share to their Facebook page. Click here to view more photo instant options for your summer festival event!

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