Spring Party Themes to Kick-off the New Season

With warmer weather approaching,  it is time to start thinking about planning some parties with friends and family! Whether it is by a pool or a fun venue with an outside patio, there are many ways to plan your perfect spring party. There is no better way to caption a spring party without having an instant photo experience like Mag-Nificant. Here are some of our favorite spring party themes and other ideas to create the ultimate event.

Incorporating Your Location

Location is key! It is always a good idea to try new places to have a party so people are not tired of the same old thing. Try having your party at a hip venue with the option of having people go inside and outside. Having a variety of options at your venue keeps your guests busy and not bored. Make sure there is a lot of parking available so people can come to your party relaxed.

Choosing a Spring Party Theme

Having a theme at your party helps the ambiance and allows your guests to be excited about being at your party. Allowing your theme to align with your location is a great way to have a successful party. A couple of fun themes to make your party spectacular are a “taco party” and a “Lets Flamingle Party.”

For the taco party, there must be a taco station where you can build your own, a margarita station where you can pick whichever flavor you want, and a dessert station with make your own churros to dip in different sauces and toppings. It would be fun to have it in a backyard and to have lively colorful decorations along with fun props to take pictures with. For the let’s flamingle party, the party will have tropical decorations and would be fun to have poolside. There would be three different color cups that you take at the party that would be labeled single, taken, and it’s complicated, which is a great way to meet new people at the party!

Add a Photo Booth

Adding a photo booth to your spring party is the perfect way to capture your special moments, while also a creative and unique way to  get your guests involved in the party fun. Mag-Nificant would provide fun props and accessories to align with the theme of your party to enhance the experience. This photo instant option makes a great keepsake to have at your desk or on the fridge at home to remember the best spring party of 2019.

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