Why a Selfie Booth Will Transform Your Party

Since being announced as “word of the year“, the term selfie, has quickly become an internationally recognized phrase. From social media posts to framed pictures in homes, people love the opportunity to take photographs of themselves. This trend has exploded in the special events industry as photo booths or a “selfie booth” have created a whole new way to experience selfies.

From Photo Booth to Selfie Taker

In the past, the cramped photo booth was a fun way to get guests at a party to smile and make silly faces. Since then, this technology received a much-needed overhaul. Now, the walls of the booth are gone. In their place, there is the selfie taker. It features a photo tower that takes the images for you.

There is no need for a selfie stick. Most importantly, you can keep your arms by your sides. Add the booth canopy if you must, but keep it freestanding for the ultimate selfie-taking experience. Guests – adults or kids – can have their pictures taken alone or in groups.

Social Media Integration Makes the Difference

Yesterday’s photo booth gave you neat-looking pictures. Today’s selfie booth does that, too. However, there is more. Social media integration lets people share their images directly to their Facebook pages. There is no need to take a picture with the phone, tag it, and then upload it. Rather, let the selfie booth do the hard work for you.

Another Advantage: Video Content!

Imagine if you were able to leave a video message for the party’s hosts. What would you say? For a wedding reception, you might leave some words of advice. For a Sweet 16 birthday celebration, you could record well wishes. At a corporate party, the video content could feature the appreciation you have for your department and co-workers.

The selfie booth does both. It takes pictures and records video messages. Most importantly, it lets you share the videos you make to social media. Moreover, you can email them to yourself or others. This is the next step for the person who appreciates a good-quality selfie.

How Does It Work?

Invite Mag-nificent to your next event. This service provider brings the photo cube with its image and video recording capabilities. You might even want pictures to be shared to your organization’s Facebook page – or the page that you set up for the special event. Next, think about the enhancements that could take this experience over the top for your guests.

  • Props. Who does not like accessories? The ubiquitous mustaches on sticks or the hats are must-haves. How about some dress-up clothes?
  • Backdrops. Choose solid colors to match the decorations for your event. Custom backdrops could incorporate words, phrases, images, and specialty details.
  • Social streaming. Enable streaming for instant tagging. You want guests to let those who stayed home get a good feel for what they missed.

Find out more about your options today. Contact Mag-nificent to talk about bringing the selfie booth to your next event.

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