Photo Booth Dallas Style

Delight event attendees at your event with high-resolution photos. They can take images alone, in groups, with friends, or as a corporate department. Renting a photo booth in Dallas for all your party needs is an excellent opportunity for helping everyone to build lasting memories. Most importantly, these photos offer crisp and eye-catching images that surpass yesterday’s technology.

What to Ask For When Renting a Photo Booth Experience for any Setting

Avoid old-fashioned or outdated technology. Today’s equipment features photo booths, video cubes, photo magnets, social media sharing and more. These experiences feature many enhancements that take photos from great to wow. There are plenty of examples.

  • Props. Everyone knows about hats and boas. How about adding some company swag, mustaches, or event-specific flair that lets everyone recognize what party these images were taken at with just one glance?
  • Backdrops. Branded backdrops feature your company’s logo, your organization’s tagline, or your donors’ names on a step and repeat banner. For the baby shower or wedding reception, there is the custom backdrop option. If your party has a theme color, consider using it as background for images.
  • Green screen. A fun add-on is the green screen experience. It lets guests play around with images a little. They might choose a backdrop as well as props to customize photos. Some will use them to tell a story. Others put together scenes. In this way, the photo booth rental quickly becomes part of the entertainment package.
  • Social streaming. Do you have a social media page set up for the party? Maybe you are hosting a corporate function that is mentioned on your company’s Facebook page. Through the Map App, guests can immediately upload their images to social media platforms, enhancing the popularity of your social media presence. By the way, give guests the opportunity to share images via text or email as well.

Encourage Guest Participation

Initially, guests may be a little shy about using a photo booth or other experiences. This is where working with a photographer makes a significant difference. Even though s/he might be working the floor and taking professional photos of the event, it is possible to get the ball rolling at the booth. Remember that this expert has worked with countless partygoers before.

S/He knows how to encourage participation, pick out the participants who are most likely to break the ice, and ensure a positive experience for everyone. Before long, s/he returns to working the floor and getting fantastic official shots while the guests take over. Word spreads quickly, and soon you have groups waiting for their turns.

Enjoy the Latest Photo Booth Technology

You only host this wedding reception, Quinceañera, or corporate party once. This is not the time to bring in last year’s equipment. Most importantly, you want the great atmosphere and mood to come through in the photos. Older model machines may or may not do the event justice. Everyone has seen the blurry, dark, or so-so images that lacked pizzazz. This does not have to be your event. Mag-nificent provides state of the art technology that is sure to please all of your guests with keepsakes they’ll cherish.

In contrast, when you let Mag-nificent help you with a photo booth in Dallas, you know that you get the latest technology with the expertise to put it to good use. Find out more by contacting Mag-nificent today!

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