Prom Themes & Ideas

With prom coming up soon in just a month or so, there is no better way to celebrate than having Mag-nificent capture these perfect high school moments. The photo cube is a great way for students and faculty to enjoy taking pictures in a fun creative way. Here are some prom themes and ideas to help create an amazing prom experience for everyone.

Trending Prom Themes

Some trendy prom themes are a masquerade ball, roaring 20’s, and on cloud 9.  For the masquerade ball everyone can come wearing masks and at the end of the night, there can be a contest of who has the best mask of the night.  The room can be decorated with chandeliers and masks hung from the ceiling. For roaring 20’s everyone can come dressed in 20’s attire wearing suspenders and a hat for guys and a boa and pearls for the girls.  On the centerpieces of the tables can have gold and silver confetti and old-timey pictures from the ’20s. For cloud 9 the room can be decorated in all white with balloons and cardboard clouds decorated with cotton balls and glitter. These themes are sure to create a magical night for all!

What Else to Consider

The location for your prom should be big enough to have tables, a dance floor, room for a DJ, and a couple of places to take pictures. A cool and unique place to have prom would be to rent out a concert venue. Another place to have prom if the weather is good, is on the rooftop of a hotel. Also, an indoor venue is just fine so you can decorate the perfect prom!

Having the photo cube at your prom will ensure a great instant photo experience! The mag team will work with you to create the perfect prom border to have a great memento at the end of the night. The mag team will also provide props and accessories according to whatever theme you decide.

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