Have you ever been so frustrated trying to find yourself in a large shared photo album of 300 plus photos? Well fear no more! Introducing SmartSharing. Mag-nificent is now implementing new facial recognition technology with all of their photo magnet packages, as well as a stand-alone options.

After taking a photo, attendees simply enter their phone number on the photographer’s mobile screen. Not only will that photo be instantly sent, but all future photos in which they appear will also be sent. In addition, you can send everyone a post event text message of your choice. To ensure that every photo you are in will be sent to you is because of the smart photo sharing’s unique custom algorithms, artificial intelligence and much more to create the most effective private photo sharing experience

There is no need to scroll through the photo album to try and find yourself in every picture because smart photo sharing finds your face with facial recognition and attendees will receive only the photos that they are spotted in. To make this process even smoother, after you take your photo at the event you can provide your photographer with your email or phone number so the photos can be directly in your hand instantly. If you are trying to post a photo right after your event on social media, you will be able to do so in a fastt manor since the photos will be sent to you right after the photo is taken. At your next event you have coming up, you are not going to want to miss out on having smart photo sharing at your event! We currently offer this service nationwide, including Atlanta, Dallas, Denver, Charlotte, and Dallas.

Smart photo sharing is great for events such as a huge Halloween party, highschool reunions, a Friendsgiving dinner or even regular Thanksgiving party.

For a Halloween party, you could rent out a local venue to fit your large party. You could have everyone come in costume or you could have an elegant Halloween gala, where everyone comes dressed up in cocktail attire with masks. Have the event catered from an Itaian or farm to table restaurant. Also have a band or a DJ or photo booth so people can get their monster mash on and for ambiance. This is a perfect event to have smart photo sharing because this will be an event you are going to want to remember!

For a high school reunion, have the party at a bar and rent it out for the event! Get letter and number balloons that spell “Class of__” and regular balloons that are your school’s colors. Get a cake with your senior class photo on it for a good laugh to look back on old memories. It might be fun to get a DJ or band also play all the songs you and your classmates listened to in high school. Gather the whole friend group to take pictures to capture this fun reunion and share them with one another with smart photo sharing!

For Friendsgiving, have the event at a friends house. Invite all your friends to share some delicious food together. Have everyone bring a Thanksgiving inspired dish and decorate your house in fall decor to feel like Thanksgiving. You could even make a desert together with your friends and decorate them with different toppings. If you have a large family and want a larger venue than someone’s house, maybe rent out a lake house for the day and have everyone in the family bring a dish. Have a football game with all the cousins! This is a great way to capture this family oriented holiday and share photos with one another with smart photo sharing! A great photobooth alternative for any occasion!

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