Building Photo Booth Prices Into Your Event Budget

Every once in a while, we like to pull back the curtain a little. Clients frequently ask us how they can make the best decision when hiring photo booth services for their event. It is important to note that photo booth prices are a significant consideration; however, it is not the only thing to consider. Here is how to make photo booth prices – and packages – work for you.

Determine the Length of Your Event and Plan Your Photo Needs

Most children’s parties and school events last about two to three hours. If you want to save money, consider hiring a photo cube for two hours. You receive unlimited prints, can choose from black and white or color photos, and get a custom print design. It costs about $499 unless you want to go with an enclosed photo booth, which costs another $99.

We recommend starting the photo booth after the first 30 minutes and letting it run until about 30 minutes before the party ends. That said, you might do better with more extended periods for wedding receptions and corporate events. A three-hour package gives you three hours of time as well as party props and text or email sharing. The cost of this package is $799. Add social media sharing and a video option for only $150 more.

Add In Photo Booth Extras to Make Your Event More Memorable

The photo cube is the option that everyone knows about. That said, it is not the only game in town. We routinely work with party organizers and event planners who want something a little different. This is where the green screen package comes in.

Upgrade your two-hour package to include two background options for just another $100. If you want to go for three hours, choose that package, add another $100, and select from three backgrounds. Go for the gusto with a four-hour package, four backgrounds, and only $150 more. These are the kinds of photos that people will share, save, and proudly display in their homes.

Remember to Factor in Expertise When Budgeting for Your Event Services

Could you get your cousin to come out with his cell phone camera for a lot cheaper? Of course, you could. However, would your cousin be able to provide hours of entertainment to your guests as well as unlimited photo prints? Most importantly, is your cousin a pro behind the camera?

Mag-nificent has been in business since 2011. Since that time, we have delighted countless clients with our services. In addition, we have consistently upgraded our hardware to provide you with cutting-edge technology. These are not old machines. Rather, they are state-of-the-art photo cubes and associated equipment that our experts operate.

Moreover, you deal with individuals who have an uncanny knack for seeing photo opportunities. When you decide to add a photo magnet package for $599, $899, or $1,099, you get not only the unlimited reprints but also the opportunity to let an artist create images that your guests will talk about.

Find out more about our photo booth prices by contacting Mag-nificent today.

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