With only two more weeks until Halloween and the weather is getting cooler, it is officially starting to feel like spooky season! Here are some awesome ideas to plan the perfect Halloween party!

To get in the spirit of Halloween, throw a pumpkin carving party! Provide the carving materials, but have the party BYOP: bring your own pumpkin! When you are done gutting each pumpkin, save the seeds and roast them as a crunchy snack. You can also make it a pumpkin painting party and paint different designs on your pumpkins. You can have pumpkin themed appetizers for you guests as well. Don’t forget to take pictures of your pumpkin creations when you have finished!

Have a murder mystery party this Halloween! Create a guest list and before the party send out characters to each guest, along with what they need to wear and information about their part. You can create your own version of a script for the party or find one online, typically a murder mystery has three rounds. As the host or hostess, you’ll need to print clue cards for each of the guests so they know which tidbits of personal information they know to conceal and reveal, which you’ll pass out during the party. With each round have a different course, for example, appetizers with round one. This will definitely be a party your guest won’t forget! And what better way to make the event “stick” around than with instant photo magnets?!

If there is a TV show or movie that you and your friends really enjoy, do a halloween party based off that! Have all your guests come dressed as different characters and host a costume contest at the end of the party. You can find a playlist, perhaps make your own, from the show or the movie soundtrack to play in the background of the party to keep in tune with the ambiance. A photobooth is always a nice touch! You could have a drink station and create drinks named after the characters, along with a dessert table with your favorite aspects that are from the show or movie.

Have a haunted house party! Focus first on the front porch or entryway, as this will be the first impression for your guests. You can get very creative with decorations and even make your own if you want to DIY. Get a fog machine, have dim lighting, cobwebs, gravestones in the yard, creepy silhouettes in the window, and scary music to set the mood of your spooky haunted house. You can give a frightening house tour and have each room have a scary aspect. After you give the tour, you can hang out with your friends and enjoy Halloween inspired dishes such as witches brew punch and skull candy apples.

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