Capture Memories With a Funny Photo Booth Setup

Photo booth experiences have quickly become the quintessential memory builder. Guests can use it again and again. Most importantly, they can enjoy snapping images with other friends or family members. Doing so creates memories they can take home. Of course, this aspect of your special event should be entertaining. Here are some funny photo booth ideas that work well for baby showers, birthday parties, or conventions.

Show Your Support for a Favorite Charity

If your company is hosting a charity event for a local community organization, let employees show off their support. Reward the funniest pose with a financial match of their contribution. Use images of the organization’s logo or props in its brand colors. Whoever can combine these elements the best, wins!

Make Your Own Props

Are you hosting a unique baby shower? Do you want props that only your party will have? Do you want photos that nobody else is going to do? Create your own, party-specific accessories. For a corporate event, these could include branded backdrops and mugs. For a baby shower, your theme color combination and fun props would do the trick.

Use a Green Screen for Anachronistic Fun

Hand out science fiction props for green screen scenes from ancient Mesopotamia. Put Regency costumes together with skyscraper backgrounds. These combinations are fun to think up. Your guests will love the dress-up aspect of the pictures as well as the selection of a setting.

Turn the Event into a Red Carpet Occasion

Attendees strike a pose on the carpet for their photo opportunity. Even the most reserved guest may pick up a prop walking stick or feather boa for a funny photo. This setup is ideally suited for the wedding reception or the convention center. Encourage guests to have fun with it. Let them come back in different groupings to explore other poses and props.

Invite Input from the Social Media Community

Are there friends who could not come to the event? Maybe your corporate event has a dedicated hashtag. Followers, fans, and members of your company in other cities can throw out ideas for poses, backdrops, and props. Watch your CEO undergo multiple costume changes during the evening. When you have instant social media sharing, you can be sure to encourage even more online participation.

Combine the Photo Booth with Other Options

We recommend also offering photo magnets to attendees. These feature your custom frame that displays the event title, date, and other identifying information. In fact, there is a broad range of additional options for the creation of excellent – and perhaps over-the-top – photographic memories. Contact Mag-nificent today for help with creating a funny photo booth that your guests are sure to love.

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