Bridal Shower Favors Your Guests Will Love

Encouraging the bride-to-be is the primary focus of a bridal shower. However, a secondary aspect of the event is to make memories. Frequently, friends and family members who are closest to her will be on the guest list. Some may not be able to stay for the wedding. Here are some bridal shower favors that will put everyone in a good mood – and make this is a memorable event.

Heart-Shaped Cookie Cutters

If attendees on the guest list love to bake, the heart-shaped set of cookie cutters is a beautiful way of bringing back memories. This practical gift is durable, functional, and will remind the recipient of when she got it. Most importantly, it underscores the love that brought everyone together for the shower that day.

Home-Made Party Poppers

As a bridal shower organizer, you know the guests best. Create party poppers that feature individualized gifts for every taste. Add a personal message from the bride that expresses her gratitude for the guest’s presence. Because you are personalizing these party favors, she will not have to sit down later and write a large number of cards.

Custom Cupcake Toppers

Serve cupcakes instead of cake. Each cupcake has a custom topper that displays the date of the bridal shower as well as a whimsical design. For example, if the bride loves unicorns, consider featuring a unicorn topper. These fun elements become rearview mirror attachments or key chain ornaments. However, do not limit your cupcake toppers to these ideas. They could also include custom pencils and other useful items people will use daily.

Photo Magnets during the Event

Mag-nificent helps you with the creation of a memorable bridal shower favor. You choose the frame that you want the photos to feature. For example, consider incorporating the wedding colors, the bride’s name, the bridal shower date, the names of the bridal party, or any other details that underscore the event.

On the day of the bridal shower, the photographer takes countless shots of various guests and groups. S/He walks around, takes candid shots, encourages group pictures, and captures the essence of the event. An assistant downloads the photos, prints them with your frame on a magnetic backing, and places these magnets onto a large board.

This process happens every ten minutes or so. Attendees may take the photo magnets they like off the board. Because many shots have multiple people in them, Mag-nificent photographers always print as many copies as there are individuals in the shot. This way, everyone gets to share in the memories. The bride receives an online collection of all images.

Learn More about Mag-nificent’s Photo Keepsakes

Photo magnets are only one option. You might also decide to bring in a photo booth with themed props. These encourage people to combine in meaningful groups for fun pictures. Because they can pick and choose the accessories that they want to use during the photo sessions, the resulting products will be memorable and fun. As a result, they, too, would make ideal bridal shower favors.

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