Denver Birthday Party Ideas

Dever is a very exciting place to be with many different aspects such as the scenery, tasty food, live music, and much more that makes it such a great city! There truly is no better place to have a scenic birthday party than in Denver, especially having Mag-nificent provide outstanding photo experiences at your party. Here are some fun ways to celebrate your birthday in the mile high city! Continue reading for unique birthday party ideas in the Denver area.

A hidden gem that would be a very fun place to have a birthday party is Denver Distillery. A cozy environment with friends and family where you can tour the distillery to see how their beer is made. On the tour, you can try the different liquors and are guided by the master distiller who is very knowledgeable. This is a great way to have an intimate birthday gathering.

If you are a lover of the arts, then the Denver Art Museum is a great place to have your birthday party.  You can rent out the museum and have all of your guests come dressed in their favorite artists! This is a unique way to celebrate your special day that will be very memorable!

Another great birthday idea if you enjoy the outdoors, is to have your party at Colorado Adventure Center to have a zip line party.  A fun package to do is the clear creek happy hour zip. This exciting “happy hour” express zip line tour takes off from a height of 65′ to provide you with five thrilling zip lines flying high over Clear Creek rapids and breathtaking views. Take off is at 5 pm and includes a coupon for a free beer or soft beverage.

Denver Event Experts

There is no better way to capture your special day than to have Mag-nificent provide the classic photo magnet experience! We’ll customize your border according to your Denver themed birthday party. It will be a memorable birthday you won’t want to have in any other city! Learn more about Mag-nificent and how can help transform your birthday celebration here.

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