Take Your Birthday Party to the Next Level

Birthday parties are a great way to bring loved ones, family, and friends together for an awesome celebration. While a run-of-the-mill house party or dinner party can be fun, why don’t you elevate the occasion with a memorable theme? From costumes and decorations to themed foods and music, try one of these fun party themes to make a birthday get-together stand out in your friends’ and family members’ memories for years to come!

Celebrate Your Birth Year

Turn back the clock on your party, and go back to the year you were born! Whether you were born in 1967, 1977, or 1987, you and your guests can celebrate while taking a trip down memory lane. Guests will love finding tie-dyed shirts, bell-bottom jeans, or getting their big hair going with a can of Aqua Net.

Decorate in memorabilia from that year whether you need to find beaded curtains, disco balls, or boom boxes and Rubik’s cubes, and serve favorite drinks and appetizers from the era. Of course, no party is complete without music, so create a playlist of the hits from that year and have fun dancing!

Masquerade Ball

Perfect for someone who loves a formal occasion and a big to-do, a masquerade ball as a birthday party provides a sense of excitement to an already fun event. A masquerade is a perfect theme if you plan on renting a space and inviting as many people as possible because this is an event that does well when there are numerous people.

Masquerades are a bit decadent, so feel free to go over the top! Skip the chips and pretzels and serve delicious appetizers and champagne, decorate with candlelight, gold or silver and black, and play rich orchestral classical music. Of course, masks are mandatory for the occasion to add to the mystery and schedule the big unmasking after singing “Happy Birthday!”

Hollywood Glamour

Loving a less formal, but still glitzy theme? Consider creating a vintage glam by channeling Hollywood, circa 1930s-1940s. An Old Hollywood birthday party will add a fun twist for you and your guests, and this is a theme that is surprisingly versatile!

For less formal occasions, think vintage popcorn boxes, gold stars, and your own Hollywood sign. However, if you really want to make an impression, consider a black-tie soiree decorated in black, white, and gold with beautiful floral arrangements and champagne. Set your party soundtrack with classic movie themes, let the champagne flow, and be sure to roll out a red carpet for your guests to make their entrance!

Game of Thrones Birthday

Got someone in your life who is obsessed with HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones or the book series it’s based on? A Game of Thrones party will be the perfect way to celebrate, and you can go as laid-back or as elaborate as you want!

Serve ale and wine along with charcuterie (or a meat and cheese tray), baskets of bread, and fresh fruit for a more authentic meal, or get creative with “deviled dragon eggs.” Decorate with house sigils or create themed tables. Encourage your guests to dress up as their favorite characters, and of course, create an Iron Throne for the guest of honor!

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