Add Fun And Flair to Your Kids Birthday Party

Your child’s birthday party is a special occasion no matter what you do to celebrate. Whether you host a small family gathering or go all out with an extravaganza, the important part is having fun and making great memories! However, if you want to add fun and flair to your child’s next birthday, here are some fun ways to liven up a party!

Carnival Party

Create a carnival-themed party, and a guaranteed fun time will be had by adults and children alike! Set up carnival games around the party space (whether it’s your backyard or a different location). Let the kids use the garden hose to knock down cans, create a ring toss game, and set up a face painting station. And when it comes to food – is there any better food than carnival or fair food? Corn dogs, soft pretzels, and funnel cakes will be a huge hit!

Add some flair: Make a carousel the main attraction by renting a carousel or creating a gorgeous carousel birthday cake!

Ballerina Party

Got a little one who loves to twirl and dance? Create a ballerina party that will let your child be the star of the stage! Give a “ballet lesson” by teaching the kids some basics (check out YouTube for a few starter steps!), then turning on some music and letting them dance. Provide wands and tiaras for their “performance, too.

Add some flair: Making a tutu is surprisingly easy – all you need is some tulle and elastic and about 15 minutes per tutu, so add some flair by providing matching tutus to all the children at the party!

Artist Party

If your child loves painting, drawing, and being creative, have an art-themed party! Make it fun by setting up a roll of paper and letting the children create a mural or making easels out of cardboard to let each child paint his or her own masterpieces!

Add some flair: Get several disposable easels and put different sprinkles and tiny decorations in each well. Place a cupcake in the middle, and let the children decorate their own cupcakes!

Spa Party

Pamper your princess and her friends with a spa party! Make a spa party fun with manicures and pedicures, providing mini-nail polishes, sparkly emery boards, and other fun accessories. Create a true pampering vibe with luxurious treats like macarons and mini-cakes served with pretty, pink punch.

Add some flair: Really elevate your spa party by providing limo service to pick up your child’s friends, or, if you’re having the party off-site, have the limo take them to the party destination!

Dinosaur Party

Let your child and his or her friends roar and stomp with an amazing dinosaur party! Turn a dinosaur party into a blast to the Jurassic Era by setting up a “Dino Dig,” letting children be archaeologists and dig for dinosaurs (instead of bones, bury plastic dinosaur toys and eggs!). With tons of dinosaur-themed arts and crafts ideas available along with plenty of Jurassic snack ideas, your dinosaur party with

Add some flair: Make your party memorable with some homemade dinosaur tails and masks for the kids to play dress-up! Perfect for younger party goers, this is a gift that goes beyond goodie bags and provides fun for years of play!

Capture The Fun With Photobooth Services!

Want to capture the moment of your child’s birthday party? With Mag-Nificent Photo Experiences, you and your guests will love having a reminder of such an exciting day. The children will love the green screen that lets them choose an awesome backdrop, while the parents will love Mag App that lets them access their child’s pictures and share directly to social media!

Provide customized party-themed photo magnets as party favors and let the kids and parents keep a great memento of your party.

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