5 Memory-Making Benefits of a Mag-nificent Photo Booth!

Whether you’re hosting a birthday bash, an elegant wedding, or a corporate event, you want your guests and attendees to have a fun, memorable experience. Not only do pictures play a HUGE part in holding on to memories forever, but renting a photo booth also makes it simple for your friends, family, teammates, or work friends to create over-the-top memories that last a lifetime.

But what will a photo booth from Mag-nificent Photo Events do to elevate your guests’ experiences? With everyone having cell phones or even making a DIY photo booth, how will a Mag-nificent photo booth enhance your celebration or event?

Let’s take a look at what you get when you rent a photo booth from Mag-nificent!

A Multi-Use Photo Cube

Our photo booth offers more than just great pictures (though they absolutely do!), you can also use the Cube to record video messages. We offer solid color backdrops to coordinate with your color scheme, or you can choose a green screen option (perfect for themed gatherings!). Want to dress it up a bit more? We even have props available for use to go with your theme (you just need to let us know!).

Social Media Integration

The Photo Cube is social media enabled so you can immediately post your shots to social media. Our booths are easy to use and our integration makes it simple to upload pictures and video to your organization’s Facebook page or you and your guests’ own personal pages.

Customized Photo Frame and Instant Printing

When your guests’ photos print out, they won’t just get a plain picture! Before your event, we’ll work with you to create a 100% customized magnetic photo frame to enhance your pictures, whether they’re from our photographer, photo booth, or printed out from our app.

When you create a photo frame, you can select from a large palette of colors and fonts, and we can even include logos. Want to match your wedding colors and invitation font? Not a problem! Include a company logo and branding – Can do! Have your own design? We’ll send you the specifications and let you design your own!

We’ll work with you to create the perfect photo frame, and when it prints, your guests won’t just have a picture, they’ll have an awesome framed souvenir ready to put up!

Easy Access to All Your Photos

As the host, you get digital access to every photo that prints out, so it’s easy to create your own comprehensive scrapbook, bulletin board, or online album of your event! This is perfect for weddings where so many couples miss out on the festivities or corporate events where you want to create recruiting marketing or company newsletters.

Mag-nificent Photo App

Every customer and your event attendees get free access to the Mag-nificent Photo App (or, MagApp)! This easy to use app makes it easy to share pictures, upload to other social media sites, and print your event photos instantly.

Your guests can take their own photos of your event and if they upload them to the MagApp, you and other attendees will get access to them, share them on social media feeds, and geo-tag people easily. Best of all, any photos that are uploaded to the app are right there for you to access, giving you the most comprehensive photo assortment of your event imaginable!

Photo Booth Rental & More

Whether you’re planning a bar mitzvah, school dance, or family reunion, make sure you and your guests get the memories you deserve with a Mag-nificent Photo Booth. With our video recording, proprietary app, social media integration, AND customized magnetic frame you’ll give your guests an experience to remember! Contact us today to help you set up your event!

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