Wedding Favors Your Guest Will Love

The wedding is the culmination of months of planning. Friends and family members have banded together to make this day memorable and fun. In return, the happy couple wants to hand out meaningful wedding favors that help everyone remember their involvement in the occasion. Interestingly, the most popular ones are also those that appeal to guests the most. Do you know what they are?

Personalized Wine Glasses for Attendees

Stem-less wine glasses are lovely wedding favors. Personalize them with engravings that feature the couple’s name, wedding date, and a favorite saying. Some couples may choose a Bible verse or a similar meaningful quote. When each guest receives a wine glass, couples will take home two, which is ideal.

Hardy Tree Seedlings Offer Years of Enjoyment

Evergreens and local tree species are ideal wedding favors that guests will enjoy for years – or even decades – to come. They present well in small pots with printed instructions for transplanting them. When guests take them home, they may thrive indoors or in gardens. These seedlings are symbolic of the bride and groom’s relationship. Similarly, they offer an environmentally friendly option for having a positive impact through tree planting.

Jars of Pink Himalayan Salt

Heavy glass jars contain the pink salt that experts believe is better for you than standard white table salt. It looks great in the pantry. Moreover, it will flavor dishes for months to come. After the salt is gone, the pretty glass jars are reusable. This is the kind of wedding favor that guests will use time and again.

CDs of the Wedding’s Play List

Back in the day, there was the mixtape. Today, there is a custom CD that features the music you selected for the wedding. Give guests a chance to relive the experience in their cars. When you highlight a compilation of classical and contemporary tunes, you will find that individuals will hold on to these memories.

Engraved Mag-nificent Photo Prints and Other Photo Booth Experiences

These photos are fit for framing. In fact, they’ll even feature a frame with your event’s distinctive details. A photographer walks around, takes pictures, and gets candid shots during all aspects of the event. Every ten minutes or so, an assistant prints out the photos and displays them on a pick-up table.

Your guests can come and take the prints that they like best. Mag-nificent always prints as many copies as there people in the shot. In this way, guests can take home multiple pictures from the wedding. Of course, everyone will want a picture with the happy couple.

By the way, our team puts stickers on the backs of the photos so that guests can access the images online. We can also customize an engraved cardboard frame for the occasion. These wedding favors are ideal for the ultimate guest experience because they give attendees a chance at personalizing their memories.

Learn more about our other instant photo experiences here or contact us today to get started on your reception!

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