5 Ways a Wedding Photo Booth Will Improve Your Reception

The wedding photo booth is quickly becoming a staple at receptions across the country. What makes this technology such a hit with guests and the happy couple? Your photo booth questions – answered.

The Photo Booth Loosens up the Atmosphere

Everyone dresses to the nines. Photographers already took the formal pictures featuring the wedding party, families, and entrance to the reception hall. Now is the time to relax a little. Attendees will love taking pictures or videos in their nice clothes that are not as formal as ones they previously posed for. Adding some fun props to the mix is a great way to combine costuming with entertainment.

Involve Friends, Followers, and Family Members on Social Media

Because Mag-nificent allows for social media integration at the photo booth level, your guests can share their experiences live. Those who could not make it to the wedding will appreciate the ability to see what is going on when friends share their images online. If you are a social media influencer, letting followers in on your happy day is a great way to build your brand and personalize future interactions. Consider the use of an event hashtag for the occasion.

Give Guests a Chance to Record a Message

This is not yesteryear’s photo booth. Our technology allows for video recordings in our awesome video cube. Your guests will appreciate the opportunity to record well wishes for the newly married couple. Some messages will be from friends and include plenty of silliness. However, others may be from family members whom you see very rarely. Having their words recorded and saved is going to be a heart-warming experience. After the whirlwind of activity, take the time to sit down, relax, and listen to the video messages. Some may tug on your heartstrings so don’t forget to mention them in your thank you notes!

Green Screens Let Guests Customize Their Memories

What do you get when you combine the green screen, custom-engraved cardboard frames, plenty of props, and a party atmosphere? The answer is simple: all the makings for memories that will last a lifetime. Guests choose a backdrop that tickles their fancy. They select the way they will look. As a result, they will treasure the print strips that the photo booth provides. Framed, they let you friends remember your big day for a long time. Unframed, they hang on refrigerators and task boards. No matter how your guests choose to display their photo strips, they love that you let them customize their memories.

Offer an Alternative to Eating and Dancing

The typical reception does not offer guests a lot to do. Sure, they can dance. However, some folks do not enjoy doing so. That said, the photo booth is the activity that everyone can get into. What is more, it can bring together groups of people who might then sit and talk. Having this creative activity available could prevent some guests from leaving early. Making sure that everyone is having a good time; is this not what your reception is all about?

Learn more about your wedding photo booth options today by contacting Mag-nificent now. We’ll help you capture the memories of your special day in a fun, unique, and memorable way!

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