With the weather getting warmer, it is finally starting to feel like summer! There is nothing better than to kick back on the weekends with friends and family during the summer. It is the perfect weather to have a party and to celebrate with your loved ones! Here are some summer party themes that your guests are sure to enjoy!

Summer Party Themes

It is almost time for Cinco de Mayo and there is no better way to celebrate than by having a party! A great way to have your guests interact is to have a taco and burrito bowl station. It is a fun way to get your guests to be creative with their dinner!  Another fun station that your guest will love is a margarita station. You can rent a margarita machine or make DIY margaritas, but at the station, there will be plastic margarita glasses that your guests can decorate as an activity! The perfect location for this party would be on an outdoor patio and to have colorful decorations to keep in tone with the theme. You can also get paper bohemian fiesta plates, napkins, and silverware for easy cleanup!

A great party idea to have this summer is a backyard movie party! Have some friends over and pick your favorite movie that you can all watch together. In your backyard, set up a cozy area where everyone can relax by decorating the area with blankets, pillows, comfortable chairs, and twinkly lights to set the mood. You can make your own screen by getting a white sheet and hanging it up in front of the sitting area so that all of your guests will be able to see the movie. Try and ask around for a projector, if not, search online for a cheap one or you can even rent one from your local library! Have each one of your guests bring their favorite snack and they can set it up the snack table. Provide little baggies for your guests to put snacks in and drinks for them as well.

Add Instant Photo Experiences

There best way to capture all of these fun summer memories is through Mag-nificent!  An easy way to remember the party is through the Mag-nificent app to have an instant photo experience at your fingertips. The MagApp is easily downloaded and allows real-time social sharing with instant on-site printing. The MagApp also allows event attendees to participate by creating their own event photo memories and sharing them to your permanent online photo and video album all accessible through the app. Click here for more information on how to have Mag-nificent’s instant photo experiences for your summer party! Contact us today to get started on planning your summer party!


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