The Benefits of Adding Professional Photos to Your Event

Corporate functions, class reunions, fundraising events, and even weddings all have one thing in common: singular moments. When the CEO hands out the big award at the end of the year, it is impossible to replicate the moment later on. When the bride and groom lead the first dance, there is no do-over. The moment that former high school sweethearts meet up again for the first time after decades, there is no re-staging the hugs. Professional photos capture all of these moments and more.

Don’t Trust a Stranger (or Friend) with a Camera

A professional brings high-grade equipment to the mix. Someone else might just have a smartphone or be using out-of-date equipment. However, it takes an expert in the field to capture authentic memories. These photos are appealing because they seem to catch individuals in an organic moment that does not feel staged.

When you add professionals to the mix you also get lighting that is perfect. Even in dark settings, you do not lose the crisp quality of the images. Most importantly, you see faces. Far too many hobbyists can never quite figure out how to take shots that focus on the individuals’ faces. When you include a professional photographer in your event, you are ensuring that you capture quality shots.

Incorporate Fun With Photo Booths

In addition to a professional photographer, Mag-nificent provides seven various instant photo experiences that allow your guests to interact in a whole new way. Whether it is posing for photo magnets, laughing in a photo booth or recording a message with our video cube, our experiences provide guests with onsite printing allowing them to take home customized photo magnets and other photo printouts. Want to share these pictures online? No problem! Our Mag App has you covered.

Think Long Term

The professional photos at today’s event are not just for capturing memories. Depending on the occasion, you might use them later on as well.

  • Advertising. Your next marketing campaign may very well feature images from the product launch or corporate event. You need professional photos that showcase the major players at the event. Most importantly, you want everyone to look like he or she has a good time.
  • Company newsletter. When communication goes out to hundreds or thousands of individuals, the photos have to be spot on. They must feature proper captions as well as portray images that people want to see. Directing a professional to take these types of images is easy.
  • Fundraising brochures. When your financial future depends on the images that a photographer takes at the event, you cannot afford to leave them to chance. Many include step and repeat banners with your sponsors’ information. Highlighting these logos and corporate names is vital.
  • Holiday cards. Do you want to turn your wedding or birthday party photos into holiday cards? You need images that are crisp and beautiful. Darkened backs of heads will not appeal in this situation.

Include the Social Media Angle

Guests at any event want to show off their presence on social media. If your occasion has a unique hashtag, attendees will do you a favor when doing so. Therefore, you need a photographer who allows for the social media tie-in. Mag-nificent is the go-to solution for events these days.

The professional photo expert not only gets all the right shots but also allows guests to post their images to their social media profiles – and yours. Happy customer reviews say it all. Contact us today to find out how we can make your next event outstanding.

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