Memorial Day Party Ideas to Enjoy the Long Weekend

Memorial Day is coming around the corner and what better way to kick off summer with a warm party with family and friends! Whether you are hanging out by the pool or the lake this Memorial Day, here are some awesome ideas to make your party the best one of the summer!

Hoping the weather is nice, plan your party outside! You could have the party in your backyard to have a comfortable vibe, so your guests feel right at home. Have a couple of tables outside for your guest to lounge and eat at. On the tables, have red, blue or white bandana table cloths to keep in tone with the patriotic theme. You could also have flowers at the center of the table, white roses or sunflowers would brighten up the party. Try to incorporate American flags into your decorations as well.

Create an American themed menu and you can order in or cook! If you decide to cook, you can have turkey burgers, sweet potato fries, corn on the cob, and salad as a healthy alternative. You can also have regular burgers and fries for your meat lovers!  This holiday is a great excuse to get creative to make new cocktails. You could stick to three drinks to provide for your guests. One drink could be a blackberry mojito, another could be a tri-layered margarita with red, white and blue by adding food coloring, and the last drink could be spiked lemonade.  You should also set up a dessert station with fruit and ice cream, along with toppings to put on the ice cream.

Add a Photo Booth to the Mix

Your guests are definitely going to want to take pictures to remember the day and there is no better way to capture your party than to have Mag-nificent on board! You can select from many different instant photo experiences that Mag-nificent provides. A classic instant photo option is the original photo magnet for a classic holiday. You can design an American themed border that Mag-nificent will work with you to create. Click here for more information on Mag-nificent’s instant photo experiences

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