Plan the Ultimate Denver Wedding

What does it take to put together a Denver wedding that is as memorable as it is picture perfect? Previously, we discussed Denver wedding venues such as the JW Marriott at Cherry Creek or the Westminster Butterfly Pavilion. This time around, we want to offer ideas for the actual picture options as well as some additional services.

Host a Themed Denver Wedding

The theme goes beyond the colors that you choose for the bridesmaids’ dresses and the flower arrangements. Rather, encourage guests to dress with a theme in mind. For example, the roaring 20s are an epoch that resonates with many older partygoers. Because there will always be some who do not have the accessories on hand, have a dress-up trunk near the entrance to your festivities. Have items that guests can mix and match to get in on the fun.

Create a Memorable Play List

Incorporate classical and contemporary pieces. Allow the tunes to tell the story of the relationship. There is that one particular song that the couple will always remember. Next, there could be the classical pieces for the ceremony that underscore that this relationship now includes multiple generations. Finally, put in the pieces that send messages to the guests. These may be funny or more serious.

Hand out Prints That Highlight Candid Shots

A photographer moves around the venue and takes candid pictures. There are no poses. Instead, you see guests enjoying themselves and interacting naturally. See the little ring bearer coloring at the kid’s table with the flower girls. Every 15 minutes, an assistant prints out the pictures that guests can pick up at a central desk.

Rent a Photo Booth

In addition to candid shots, there are staged pictures taken in a photo booth setting. These involve your guests as they dress up, use props, and come together in groups for a photo opportunity. They will enjoy having the images that might include friends or family members whom they have not seen in years.

However, there is more to this experience than meets the eye. For example, a video option allows guests to record a message for the couple. In addition, social media enabled photo booth functions let guests share their images online while they are still at the event. Of course, the couple receives copies of all photos.

Who Can Help You Put Together Your Denver Wedding?

Usually, couples work with a wedding planner to handle event services. However, you may be able to work with a Mag-nificent representative as well. Frequently, these professionals have contacts within the event services industry, which they can use to assist you on this special day. Of course, Mag-nificent can handle all your photo needs.

If you are not sure how you want to position the visual memories, consider a consultation with one of the team’s experts. You might select the video cube and the magnet option. Depending on your guest list’s makeup, there might also be other fun options that could contribute to the picture perfect photo finish of the event.

Contact us today to start brainstorming and request a quote for your event!

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