Consider These Awesome Additions to Your World Cup Themed Party!

It sweeps the world every four years, bringing people to their feet in delighted victory or crashing to their knees in disappointed defeat. We’re talking about the Fifa World Cup (as if you didn’t already know!), and it’s happening now! We’ve seen some amazing wins and some surprising upsets, but as we start moving through the 32 teams, the pressure is turning up.

What does this mean?

It means more people will be watching the games, wanting to get together and have fun! We all know watching big sporting events is a blast – Superbowl parties and Final Four viewing parties are a hit, so now it’s time to plan your World Cup Party!

Soccer-Themed Snacks and Drinks

Every party needs good food and beverages! For your World Cup viewing party, provide snacks that capture the essence of the game.

  • Guacamole Soccer Field – instead of a boring bowl of guac, dress it up to look like a soccer field with sour cream on top to represent the white lines and waffle-shaped pretzels making the goals. Get instructions here.
  • Eat Like the Players – Serve snacks commonly eaten in the teams’ countries. If France plays Brazil, serve coxinhas (like fried cheese and chicken balls) or pasteis (like a deep-fried empanada) alongside gougeres, croissants, and baked brie.
  • Drink Like the Players – Of course, if you’re serving international team snacks, you have to have international drinks, too! From international beers or sodas to mixed-drinks featuring liquors from the teams’ countries, you can quench your thirst just like the players do when they’re not on the field.
  • Soccer-Themed Sweets – From soccer ball cupcakes to cookies decorated to look like the flags of the playing countries, with a bit of frosting, you can make almost any cake, cupcake, brownie, or cookie the perfect World Cup dessert.

Play Your Own World Cup Game

After the game, burn off all the excitement and energy by having a soccer match outdoors! This is also a great way for those whose team lost redeem themselves by taking up their team’s mantle and carrying it to victory. (It’s the symbolic victories that count, right?). If you’ve got a pretty even number of fans for both countries, it’s easy to divide into teams, otherwise, draw team names or straws with the tips colored to match the team names!

Create a Playlist

If the party carries on after the game, keep the energy alive with some music! Get the Official 2018 Fifa World Cup playlist here, and mix it up with some music from the team’s countries. Go traditional and learn a few traditional dances for a laugh, or just find the popular, upbeat tracks that will liven things up.

Set Up a Photo Booth or a Green Screen

Make sure your guests capture the moment with a photo booth or a green screen! A green screen is a blast for a World Cup Party because you can send your guests to the soccer field or to the country they’re rooting for. With props, outfits, and other accessories, you can let your guests create unique, hilarious pictures, and pick out custom frames and borders for your pictures.

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