Enjoy Your Reception at these Wedding Venues in Dallas

The modern bride and groom no longer just focus on making the ceremony unforgettable. They now also focus on the reception as an extension of this experience. In the past, the reception was a mainstream event. Guests came in, sat down, ate, listened to speeches, and danced. Now, there is a little bit more to it. This is particularly true when you are spending time at the most coveted wedding venues in Dallas.

Shaking Things up at the Reception

You do not have to go for the mainstream. In fact, you can ensure that your wedding and a subsequent meet-up of the guests stand out for all the right reasons. You might have already thought of some wedding reception ideas to break the mold. That said, some others apply to the Dallas area particularly.

2616 Commerce Event Center

How many receptions take place on a rooftop? Yours could! With the Dallas Skyline for ambiance, you could have an after-dark reception that will have guests craning their necks for a better view. While you are at it, forgo the DJ for a live band that can take the stage there. String lighting sets the tone.

The Quixotic World

Would you like to recline on a throne while taking in a magic show? Why not add plenty of additional throne furniture for your wedding party? Black tablecloths and similar decorative touches turn this setting into a fantastic experience that you do not get anywhere else. You might also go for some silhouette theater while you are at it. It could be an ideal staging for local buskers who show off their skills while the guests dance. The Quixotic World is sure to leave your guests with a lasting impression.

The Garden Café

The prior wedding venues accommodate larger groups. Typical occupancies might be right around 200. However, what happens when you are thinking of hosting a more intimate event? In this case, the Garden Café might be ideally suited for your need.

If you have about 50 people who make up your wedding party and guest list, this is the ideal locale. Say your vows in a garden setting and sit down for a meal afterward. Combine your reception with a poetry reading or do some karaoke via the sound system. It is a great time with your best friends.

Mag-nificent Provides Take-Home Memories for Any Style Event

Invite Mag-nificent to be part of your event services. Instant photo experiences are a great option for having guests and bridal party members mingle and take photos of the memorable event. Let them share these online with a hashtag that you already set up for the party. In this way, they can create a tapestry of images that are fun to look through even as guests are still there.

There is also a video option with our Video Cube. Wedding receptions are notoriously busy. Use the recording option for guests to have a chance to give you their good wishes and words of advice. Some might even wish to serenade you. This is something you do not get every day!

Find out more about the most popular wedding venues in Dallas and their options for subsequent receptions. Mag-nificent staff members have been to quite a few of them. Contact us today!

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