Must-Have Party Rentals in Dallas 

Dallas is a thriving city with exciting nightlife, corporate growth, professional sporting events and a population that enjoys celebrating life in a big way. With a new Mag-nificent franchise in Dallas, we are adding our instant photo experiences to the list of must-have party rentals in Dallas for your special event! If you’re planning an event, consider these rentals and experiences to create a memorable time affair that your guests will love.

Tents are a Necessity for Outdoor Events

Nothing ruins your special event faster than a rainstorm or attendees who overheat. Avoid this problem with rented tents. There are plenty of sizes to choose from. Keep everyone together in a large 2,000-square-foot tent. It typically seats between 150 and 300 guests, depending on your setup. If you want to create multiple event sites, something smaller will do fine. The square footage typically starts at 100 and goes up incrementally.

Set the Stage to Accommodate Sound Equipment and Signage

Custom Banners are an effective way to promote your special event, and there’s no better place to display them than on stage. Renting the stage is easy. Select the size that you believe you will need. For small settings, an eight-foot-by-four-foot setup will do. When you have multiple people up on stage with you, add sections to accommodate them. Add stage skirting to hide the legs of the platforms.

Lighting an Event is an Art as well as a Science

LED lights come as electrical or battery-operated models. Choose stands when the space or venue cannot accommodate mounts. For a festive atmosphere, a disco ball can be a great addition. Hire a lighting coordinator to operate follow-spotlights that illuminate the speaker’s spot on the stage. For corporate events with special announcements and giveaways, consider adding a confetti canon to the mix.

Promote Your Event With Photo Booth Entertainment

Hiring a photographer for the event is a given. However, why not take it a step further? Hire the professional who will create photo prints and magnets on the spot. These feature your event logo, hashtag, or overall event theme. A photo cube is a contemporary take on the old-fashioned photo booth. It comes with social media capabilities that let attendees share their images right then and there. With your specialty hashtag for the event, you can be the online buzz while the event is going on.

Customization is the Key for Success

In event planning, one size does not fit all. The party rentals Dallas organizers entrust their festivities to must be able to tailor their products to your needs. Doing so makes your event successful and lets it stand out from others. After all, who does not want to have a memorable event that people will be excited to talk about? To get in contact with your trusted event photographer today, contact Mag-nificent to make sure your event is more than memorable.

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