Party Planning Checklist From The Experts

What makes party planning so challenging, is the sheer volume of moving parts and organizational challenges. Next, there is the need to rely on third-party vendors. When you work with vendors, caterers, venue organizers, and similar professionals, it can get frustrating to put it all together. Relax! With our party planning checklist, you’ve got this.

Define the Scope of the Party

It is easy to throw together an exceptional children’s birthday party for a small group of children. Planning a wedding for 350 guests, a 50th birthday celebration for about 100 people or a corporate event is a lot more difficult.

Set the parameters of the party well in advance of the target day. What is the theme? What is the cap for the guest list? What is your targeted budget?

Decide on a Date and Place

The guest of honor determines the date. With one or two possible dates in mind, find a venue that is large enough to accommodate your guests and their vehicles. Nobody wants to drive around the block five times to find parking for a party. Once you secure the location, decide on the time for the event.

Involve the Vendors

Now is the time to talk to vendors who will help you pull off the special day. Maintaining communication with them is key for a smooth operation. Adding their contact information to your party planning checklist is a great way ensure you can reach them on the day of your event if need be.

Caterers. Some venues work with a preferred list of caterers. Interview a few of them to find out whose food options are most in line with what your guests will enjoy. Verify that the caterer also offers a beverage option. Finding a caterer with versatile food options can ensure everyone goes home will a full stomach.

Bartender. If you plan to serve alcohol at your party, hire a bartender. This professional will have an easy time mixing even the most exotic drinks.

Photographer. Mag-nificent brings the professional fun that you cannot find anywhere else. Photo or video cube experiences, photo magnets, and green screen scenes are just a few of the options open to you. Your guests will love creating memories with the help of our professional photographers at the party.

Entertainment. Speakers, presenters, and DJs are just a few of the types of entertainers you might bring in. Buskers, magicians, and comedians are another set. If you have children as well as adults at the party, consider a separate entertainment package for the kids.

Equipment. The venue manager most likely provides tablecloths and similar items. A DJ should have the sound equipment necessary to make the place rock. Caterers typically bring plates and cutlery. Mag-nificent’s photographers bring everything you need – plus the props – for a great experience. However, verify that your assumptions are correct. In some situations, a venue might charge extra for chair covers, for example. We recommend that you verify all vendor supplies before hiring.

Get out the Invitations and Set up Your Social Media Group

Now is the time to mail out invitations. Request that people respond to let you know that they can make it. More importantly, get a head count of how many +1 attendees you might expect. This is also an excellent time to set up a Facebook group dedicated to the event. Develop a hashtag for the event. Promoting events on social media has never been easier. As people respond to the invitations, invite them to join the online group. Post updates as the event gets closer.

We hope this party planning checklist will make your next special event a snap to put together. For more tips and tricks, contact our experts today.

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