Your Guide to Freelance Photography Opportunities

The typical freelance photography gig is short-lived and not particularly well paid. In addition, many times there are specific niche requirements that prospective candidates must meet. Examples include extensive interior real estate photography skills or a proven history of fashion photography. In some cases, potential jobs come with non-compete agreements, which limit your ability to work elsewhere. Why not explore freelance photography opportunities that provide career potential?

Freelance Children Photographers Find Employment during Back-to-School Season

Many professional photography studios work with freelancers to meet the added demand for school photos after the beginning of a new school year. You would travel to the schools and take pictures of the students against a green screen or neutral background.

Pay depends on your availability, the number of freelancers the studio has available, and the extent of the contracts the company can secure. Because this is seasonal work that is light throughout the year, you can take your expertise to a private studio year-round.

Retail Photographers are in Demand during Holiday Season Preparation

Take photos of seasonal in-store displays and promotional items. Your client is typically the advertising agency that the retailer contracts with. The goal is to present attractive images that grab the attention of shoppers. Because the consumer will be under plenty of rival ad exposure, it is crucial to find a unique angle for presenting the graphics.

Although this is seasonal work, consider that many advertisers start as early as the summer months to put together the images. This type of job frees you up for winter work when you have private clients. When you excel at what you do, even just one advertising agency can send you a lot of work.

Be Your Own Boss with a Mag-nificent Franchise

If you are looking for a freelance photography opportunity that you can fit into your schedule rather than having to work around someone else’s timeline, a Mag-nificent franchise is the answer. The start-up costs and operating expenses are low. You receive access to professional sales and marketing support with your own designated area of operation. This opens the door to doing business with non-profits, schools, families, event planners, sports teams, corporate clients and more.

At the events, you arrive with the requested photo booth experiences and other similar gadgets. It is the next generation of the traditional photo booth. Most importantly, you offer clients a broad range of product customization options that make any event unique and memorable. It is no wonder that this freelance opportunity is gaining traction. Best of all, you do not have to have experience or expensive equipment to get started. Our proven sales model makes our franchisees successful from day one.

How to Take Advantage of These Freelance Photography Opportunities

Mag-nificent provides a high-demand service that is only growing in popularity. Contact us today to learn more about our franchise opportunities and how owning your own franchise can jumpstart your photography career. Contact us today!

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