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Loyal readers of our blog have been getting a good idea of what Mag-nificent does. The experiences that we offer are without equal. Photo magnets, the photo cube, video cube experiences, Retropix, the Mag-nificent app, and green screen options are quickly becoming staples at all types of celebrations and special events around the country. Not surprisingly, we get plenty of inquiries about what it takes to buy a photo booth.

Advantages of Joining the Mag-nificent Revolution

There is plenty of proof that this business model has traction. Event industry insiders predict a 44-percent growth in the field. B2B marketers like the commercial applications of advertising and branding with the photo booth setup. Of course, there is more to this business opportunity than just a great outlook.

What You Get When You Decide to Invest in a Photo Booth Business

You bring to the table a willingness to learn a new business from the ground up. Similarly, you commit to deepening your understanding of customer service, sales, and record-keeping.

What you get is a clear business opportunity that lets you grow with the industry.

  • Pricing freedom. Mag-nificent has developed a pricing structure that works. However, if you find that the market will bear more in your area, you might charge more. You have the freedom to make this determination yourself.
  • Choose your helpers. You have the option of hiring assistants. Mag-nificent leaves it up to you if and how many helpers you want to bring along. It depends on the demands of each project as well as your ability to multi-task.
  • Low initial investment. Some franchises require a significant up-front investment. Mag-nificent is different. It breaks down its stake into a small monthly fee that allows it to minimize the buy-in cost.
  • Protected marketing area. You choose how large you want your protected marketing area to be. Most people prefer a footprint that consists of about 500,000 people. However, you might choose to opt for a territory that is larger. By the way, you do have the freedom to service events outside of your territory if a client approaches you. The only limitation you have is that you should not market outside of your region to protect another franchisee’s area.

Mag-nificent Invests in Supporting You

The company wants each franchise owner to become a personal success story. Therefore, it invests in the training and support of each new business owner.

It starts with an orientation at the company’s headquarters. You meet the experts, learn about the equipment, and find out how others turned this business opportunity into a success. Once you set up your business, representatives from the headquarters come to you. They assist you with the first event. You also have the backing of a sales center that books events, offers information, and answers online inquiries. Most importantly, you get help with a grand opening campaign.

With so many advantages, it only makes sense to buy a photo booth now that your territory is still open! Contact us today to learn how to do it.

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