Add Creativity and Flair to Your Birthday Invitations

Are you tired and bored of FaceBook invites and Evites? Want to have different and unique birthday invitations that you’re guests will love? Well, here are some great ideas to make this best birthday yet!

Music Themed Invitations

A fun birthday invitation to create if you love music is to put your birthday information on a cassette tape shaped card! Similar to singing birthday card, you can record your birthday invite and when your guests open the invitation, they will hear your voice. This is a great way for your guests to get excited about your party and celebrating you!

Invitations for Film Lovers

If you are a film fanatic, a creative birthday invite would be having a movie theater ticket invitation. You can have two tickets in the envelope, one with information about the party and one inviting your guests to celebrate you. Inside the envelope, you can include your favorite candies for your guests to enjoy a sweet surprise. You could also make all your guests bring the movie stub in order to enter the party!  

Customized Photo Magnet Birthday Invitations

A birthday invitation that no one has thought to do yet is a magnet invite! You can customize your birthday invitation with Mag-Nificient to your liking. Mag-nificent will work with you to create the perfect design for your invitation according to your theme. You can put a fun picture of yourself in the center and have your customized border with the time, date, and location of your party. It is a great invitation that your guests won’t lose! Click here to view more photo experiences!


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