Go Greek All Week With These Awesome Frat Party Themes

School is back in session, and thousands of new and returning students are flooding campuses across the country. If you’re in a fraternity or sorority, you’re probably getting ready for rush, and you want to throw parties that drive your membership. Make your frat party one for the record books with an awesome theme that leaves other houses in the dust and shoots your pledge numbers through the roof!

Toga Party

Celebrate Greek life with the tried-and-true toga party! First made popular in the most well-known homage to fraternity life, Animal House, guests dress in togas, wear olive crowns, and embrace all things Ancient Greek. Get inspired by the Olympics and hold events and games from races to wrestling matches, tug-of-war, and beer pong. They had beer pong in Ancient Greece, right?


Perfect for a welcome back party while the weather is still hot and everyone wants to be outside, a luau party is always a blast. Everyone gets to break out grass skirts, leis, and Hawaiian shirts, and nearby flowers will have their blossoms stolen and tucked behind girls’ ears.

Build a tiki bar and decorate with grass, bamboo, and bright signs so everyone knows where to grab a glass of pineapple punch and grill up some chicken and pineapple kabobs. Of course, a luau isn’t a luau without the limbo and pineapple bowling will be a blast as the night goes on.

Black & White

Stand out from the typical keg parties and show how your fraternity or sorority is a step above the pack with a sleek and sophisticated Black and White Affair. While you can go formal and insist on black tie, a black and white party also be ultra-casual or completely glam depending on what direction you choose.

Men can dress in black while women can embrace all white (or vice-versa) and specify only a specific metal accessory like gold or silver to keep true to the theme. Keep the lighting low and decorate with plenty of white and metallic accessories, and even theme your drinks with white wine or sparkling clear punch.

Be True to Your School

Since it is back to school, get everyone in school spirit with a college-themed party! Perfect for the night of the first home game, dress up the house with plenty of school colors, and make sure everyone is dressed in team gear. Add to the fun when you mix up some punch in your team colors, hold a “Best Mascot Costume” award for whomever dresses as the best team mascot, and hold a late-night touch football game outdoors.

Toxic Waste Theme

Party like it’s the end of the world at the Toxic Waste party where zombies, mutants, and brave survivors (or at least people dressed like zombies, mutants, and brave survivors) come together for a night of revelry. Serve toxic waste punch made from a base of lemon-lime soda and lime sherbet which is both delicious and delightfully toxic looking, especially when kept cold in a bowl of smoking dry ice.

Most importantly, set the stage when you cast a toxic glow around the house with green light bulbs, “board” up some windows by fitting strips of cardboard into the frames (bonus points for hand props coming through the bars!), and litter the front yard with zombies props.

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