An exceptional wedding album will not only feature stunning pictures of the bride and groom, it will also have captivating shots of the bridal party.

Your bridal party forms an integral part of your wedding scenery. Hence, you should plan their looks carefully, so they enhance the beauty of your photographs and make your wedding album truly gorgeous.

Bridal Party Tips and Ideas From Wedding Experts

The team of wedding experts from Best for Bride in Canada suggests the following tips to ensure your bridal party looks photogenic and you have a picture-perfect wedding album.

Choose the Right Photographer

A talented photographer can capture beautiful imagery despite all challenges. He will be able to offer valuable suggestions about colors, lighting and other aspects that will affect the visual quality of your images. When you work with an experienced photographer, he can recommend photogenic color combinations and posing styles that will yield the results you want.

Select a Beautiful Venue

One of the main things to look for when choosing your wedding venue is how photogenic it is. Although you can dress up a drab site, factors like a lack of good lighting and ugly décor will negatively affect the quality of your photographs. Venues with excellent natural lighting are the best. Statement features like a soaring ceiling, beautiful view or lovely landscaping will also boost your photo options.

Choose the Wedding Colors Carefully

Some colors look better than others on camera. So, compare shades of the same color and choose the most effective ones. Pick lively, bright and saturated colors for your bridesmaid outfits and your photos will be cheerful and vibrant. Use neutrals like black and navy blue sparingly, to just balance out the brighter hues in your wedding palette. When planning color combinations for your décor and wedding party outfits, remember that classic combinations will stand the test of time. Unusual and trendy color combinations can make your wedding album look outdated in a few years.

Get the Lighting Right

Soft lighting will enhance your bridal party photos. So, illuminate your venue with pleasant, soft lights. Also, make the most of natural lighting. Have pictures of your bridal party taken outdoors in spaces bathed in natural sunlight and you are sure to be impressed by the effect. Also, use the golden hour before sunset for spell-binding outdoor photos of your wedding party. Find out all about why this golden hour is important for amazing photographs in this post on the Wedding party blog.

Choose Clothing That Fits the Theme and the Person

Focus on two factors when choosing your bridal party outfits—how well it fits the theme, and the person. Perfect fitting clothes are elegant and comfortable. More importantly, they photograph well. So, focus on colors and silhouettes that flatter each of your bridal party members and they will look fantastic on camera.

Aim for Cohesion

Bridesmaids dressed in perfectly matching uniforms are simply boring. So, use slight variations to spruce up the overall effect. However, make sure that there are at least few unifying elements like the length, color or fabric when mixing and matching bridesmaid dresses. This will prevent the party from looking too disjointed. Bridesmaid dresses should also complement the bridal gown for best results. Mix and match bridesmaid dresses till you find the right balance that is cohesive, even while each person has a unique look. This post has great ideas to get this trend right.

Use Accessories That Pop

The right bridal party accessories will instantly uplift and add a pop of color or texture to your wedding photos. Choose shoes, jewelry, bridesmaid bouquets and hair accessories that arrest attention with their unique colors or patterns. You can even mix and match accessories to personalize each bridesmaid’s look and enhance the overall impact. Nonetheless, do everything in moderation. Too many flashy accessories will create a cluttered look and ruin the entire effect.

Put Aside Plenty of Time

Have you ever noticed how the best photographs have people looking joyful and relaxed? Allow plenty of time for your photos, and all the members in your wedding party will have enough time to loosen up and get comfortable with the camera. Plan the perfect wedding day timeline with these tips and you cannot go wrong. Set aside time to talk and share jokes. Encourage your bridal party to have fun and let laughter and happiness pave the way for magical photographs.

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