Big Ideas For Your Small Wedding!

If you’re choosing to have a small wedding, you may be hitting a wall about how to plan or what you can do to make your wedding special. After all, most wedding information is designed for large events featuring 100+ guests.

Don’t get discouraged, whether you’re having ten people or forty a small wedding can be just as exciting, memorable, and fun as a large wedding. Here are some tips to help you make it happen!

Everyone’s in the Bridal Party

Instead of selecting bridesmaids and groomsmen, if you have a small wedding, ask everyone to stand with you. Ask your guests to form a circle or semi-circle around you, the groom, and the officiant, to celebrate the ceremony with you. It creates a beautiful, intimate feel, and this works especially well if you are having an outdoor ceremony!

Choose a Creative Venue

From a clearing in the woods to a small, local winery, when you’re not having to worry about seating 300 people, options for your venue open up! Find a spot that truly evokes the feel of your group and sets the stage for the fun, exciting wedding of your dreams!

Even better, with a small wedding, you can have the ceremony and reception in the same spot. This saves a ton of time between going from one venue to another, worrying about decorating two different spots, and makes it stress-free for out of town guests.

Set up Games for the Reception

If you feel your small group isn’t into dancing, bring the fun by setting up games! If it’s a very small group, divide into teams for Jenga®, charades, or lawn games like volleyball or badminton! For larger groups, set up games around the reception site.

Make it extra-special, by asking guests to personalize Jenga® blocks with a bit of wedding wisdom that you can keep as a memento of your wedding (much better than saving the top layer of a cake!).

Make it a Potluck

Want a low-key wedding and reception? Keep it casual by skipping catering and turning it into a potluck where everyone brings a covered dish. Provide the main course like barbecue or fried chicken from a great local place and of course the wedding cake, but otherwise, ask the guests to bring something. Leave a space on the R.S.V.P. card where they can write in what they’re bringing!

Build a Wedding Request Playlist

Instead of hiring a DJ, let your guests help you create an ultimate wedding playlist! On the R.S.V.P. card, ask the guests to write their favorite romantic song for slow dancing and their favorite song for upbeat dancing. Compile the suggestions into a great Spotify playlist so every song is special! Make it extra-special by printing out the playlist for guests to take with them.

Get Creative with Your Menu

With large weddings, your menu options seem pretty limited, but with a small group, you can get truly creative with your reception fare. Go with an international theme, choose farm-to-table, or see about setting up a tasting menu of small, delicious bite-sized selections!

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