Oktoberfest Decorations & Party Ideas for a Spectacular Time

Oktoberfest is the world’s largest festival and is famous worldwide for its food, music, traditions, and beer (mostly the beer!). Millions of people travel from all over the world to enjoy the festivities that span 16 days in Munich, Germany. Oktoberfest decorations, traditions, and spirit make it the highlight of the year.

You don’t necessarily have to travel to Bavaria to appreciate Oktoberfest, though. While there’s only one true Volksfest, there are parties, celebrations, and town festivals all over the world seeking to recreate the excitement and bring some German culture (and beer) to their homes or hometowns.

Whether you want to host an Oktoberfest party for friends or you’re in charge of putting together a large event for your town or organization, here are some ideas to decorate, entertain, and bring people together!

Authentic Oktoberfest Decorations

You want to set a festive atmosphere, and that all starts with decorations! While the German flag and German flag colors of black, red, and yellow may seem standard, you’ll actually want to decorate with bright blue and white – the colors of Bavaria and the Bavarian flag. You can get the blue and white diamond pattern in banners, tablecloths, pennants, and even fabric to decorate your party or festival.

Once you have a Bavarian backdrop, add beer steins for drinks (perfect for serving ginger ale or root beer if you’re going non-alcoholic), create or purchase signs in gothic font (like Enchanted Land or similar styles) directing guests where food, drink, and restrooms are, and you can even get cutouts of traditional German characters for a bit of color and to add as fun photo props!

Must-Have Oktoberfest Food

If Oktoberfest is synonymous with one thing (besides beer) it’s FOOD. You have to serve traditional food at your part, or hire vendors for your event. Serve these tasty selections and your guests will declare, “Köstlich!” (or, for non-German speakers, “Delicious!”)

Oktoberfest Beer and Beverages

You have to have something to wash all that food down with! If you want to keep to tradition, have plenty of beer on tap, and opt for a good German style such as Paulaner, Hofbräu Munchen, or Löwenbräu. Serve riesling for a crisp German wine, or if you want to have options for kids and non-drinkers, keep plenty of root beer and ginger ale flowing!

Encourage Traditional German Dress and Costumes

What would Oktoberfest be without the traditional dress? Encourage lederhosen and dirndls – not sure what they are? Picture the typical man and woman at Oktoberfest – are you picturing the man in a suspendered outfit with short pants and a woman wearing an apron-style dress with puffy sleeves? You’re pretty much spot on!

Incorporate Fun Activites

With food, drink, decorations, and clothes, what’s next? Having fun! Hire a polka band if you want to go all out, or simply create a playlist of traditional German songs for dancing, singing, and drinking. Then, set up some games such as:

  • Horseshoes
  • Axe throw (use your best judgement here!)
  • Chicken Dance contest (who can keep up as the music speeds up!)
  • Beer barrel roll race (Fill barrels or kegs with water and have contestants roll them across a yard, park, or other space)
  • Yodeling contest
  • Beer tasting among local breweries

Rent a Photo Booth for Fantastic Memories!

Make sure your guests can remember your Oktoberfest decorations and celebration with a photo booth! Let your guests hop in a photo booth and create fun, wacky pictures by adding props, outfits, or even setting up a green screen backdrop that looks like you’ve sent your guests to the Bavarian Alps or other famous German sights!

Whether you’re setting up an Oktoberfest Festival in your city or you’re hosting a private party, contact Mag-nificent Photo Experiences! Not only will you get high-quality pictures from our photo booths and instant printing and social media integration, but you’ll also have a customized magnetic photo frame for every picture so your guests will get more than a picture, they’ll get a terrific souvenir from Oktoberfest!

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