Send Bar & Bat Mitzvah Invitations That Go The Extra Mile!

You want your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah to be special and create an event that your child and your guests will remember for years to come! This means it’s time to get creative with your planning starting with your invitations and your theme and adding some elements your guests, and most importantly, your child will love!

Winter Wonderland

Perfect for a magical Bat Mitzvah, a Winter Wonderland theme can be absolutely gorgeous in addition to fun! Starting with ice blue and silver invitations that set the theme, welcome your guests into a beautiful scene when you decorate with sheer, shimmering silver tulle, white candles, sparkling centerpieces, and ice blue tablecloths.

If it’s a large party at a venue, continue the theme by styling the dance floor to look like the ice rink! For a home party, add sticks of rock candy and sparkling sugar cookies to the dessert options, and let her and her friends get sparkling silver and blue manicures or decorate wooden cutouts of snowflakes by providing paint, glitter, sequins or rhinestones.

Rock Star Bash

For your music-loving son or daughter, a rock-n-roll themed party will be a blast! Let your guests know what to expect with guitar-themed invitations – go traditional with red and black, or glam them up with bright pink and silver! Carry the colors into the party, and cover the table with guitar table confetti to match your theme, build a stage or rent a venue with a stage, and

Of course, a rock n roll party isn’t a bash without music! Hire a band for a live concert feel or have karaoke and let the kids be the star of the show. Set up concession stand-type food and drinks, and serve a guitar-shaped cake as the showstopper.

Mardi Gras Celebration

Let the good times roll at a Mardi Gras Themed Bar or Bat Mitzvah! Keep your invitations in theme with your party by creating a purple, gold, and green look – even better if you can have them done to look like a traditional Mardi Gras mask! Set the scene with plenty of purple, green, and gold decorations, as sparkling and vibrant as possible.

Set up a “bling bar” and let your guests decorate Mardi Gras masks with rhinestones, glitter, feathers, and paint, or make it a masquerade by sending a few gold, green, and purple masks with each invitation! Have the DJ play some traditional Mardi Gras music while the guests are eating, but then have them crank it up for lively dancing later in the event. Make sure the cake is just as glittery and eye-catching as your decorations by adding purple, green, and gold colored sugar or sparkling icing to your confections!

Fun in the Future

Create a high-tech theme for your child’s bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah! Send out futuristic invitations in black and silver or go all out and have an app created for your the event. Decorate the venue in lots of silver, chrome, and black for a glam, yet futuristic feel.

To really embrace high tech, rent the latest tech for the occasion. Instead of a bartender and serving staff providing drinks, rent a robot bartender. Allow the guests to visit another world by renting virtual reality headsets, or let them get in touch with their creative side with a digital graffiti wall!

Create a Memorable Memento with Mag-nificent

No matter what your theme is, you’ll want to record every moment, and Mag-nificent Photo Events makes it possible! Whether you want a photo booth to let your guests take fun pictures, or let us provide a photographer to take candid shots, you can print them out immediately, create an album, or share them online with the free Mag-nificent Photo App. Elevate the experience by customizing a magnet photo frame in your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah theme and colors, so every guest has an awesome souvenir of the event.

Contact Mag-nificent today to help you capture the memories of one of the biggest events in your child’s life!

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