Ultimate Party Photo Booth Experiences

Everyone loves a great party! The food, the dancing, the mingling with friends, family, and co-workers, what’s not to like? The excuse to dress up, smile, and create memories with friends you can enjoy for years to come has become a time-long tradition. Be it weddings, birthdays, graduations and even team building events for companies big and small, we as a whole, have found every reason possible to get together and “say cheese!”

Capturing these moments of joy, pride, silliness, and love, have become an obsession; the need to remember it all, even while it’s still happening right in front of us. There is a saying that has become popular, “If you didn’t take a picture, did it even happen?”, So how about taking the lead and providing the convenience of memory capturing so your guests can enjoy the experience before the night slips through their fingertips?

Mag-nificent is a photo booth rental company like no other that offers a unique spin on the photo booth experience.

Photo Booth Rental and More!

From personalized magnets branded with your event details to a roaming photographer gathering candid moments from the event, your guests will be able to enjoy the party as it’s happening with each downloadable shot.

Our photo booth rental and other photo experiences provide an excellent icebreaker for your guests, entertainment during the event, and a creative and unique take-away of captured memories while you and your guests are busy dancing the night away.

Create Videos and Share the Moments Instantly!

Take the photo booth experience to the next level by adding our video cube! Your guests can record a personalized message with fun props while having the ability to share the experience with the world through or Mag-App!

With the party in full swing, your guests will have unique hands-on experiences to keep them entertained for the duration of your event while providing them images that can be shared instantaneously on social media sites right from the Mag-App!

Each guest is given a password to access the photos online which can be downloaded and shared with their friends and family. And let’s be real, who doesn’t love sharing a great photo on Instagram or Facebook?

Mag-nificent Provides the Best Photo Booth Experiences in the Business

What was once just a novelty for celebrities has now become a fun and affordable feature for any gathering. With affordable prices available based on your event needs, you can rent a photo booth for a few hours to help get the party started or for the entire evening ensuring no memorable moment is missed.

The props and backdrop are great conversation starters and the creatively personalized backdrops, and branded prints create a memorable and one of a kind way to cherish and share your special event! Contact us today to get a quote for your party and make the experience Mag-nificent!

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